Signs that you are doing wrong your dental hygiene part 2 | Dental Solutions

Signs that you are doing wrong your dental hygiene part 2

Signs that you are doing wrong your dental hygiene part 2
September 9th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hi! I hope you are having a nice weekend. I’m sure everything is going smoothly as always. Last week I shared with you guys some signs that you may have noticed in your dental health that says you are doing things a bit wrong. Today I want to share more tips with the readers and help you to get rid of any bad habit you may have that is affecting your precious smile.

Remember that teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. So any disease or affection they suffer is bad news and you will end up paying the price. Without extending to much in introductions, allow me to give you my input on some of these bad signs I’m talking about.


Is it yellow?


Teeth discoloration occurs when having poor dental hygiene. When letting the food debris and liquids sit in your mouth and teeth for too long they will start to affect its color. The pigments and chemicals  sticks to the teeth and dry, making them change from a pearly white, to a more nasty yellow.


One simple trick to solve this is to always brush your teeth after eating. It is really useful to brush after every meal, but sometimes there is not enough time. You should at least rinse your mouth after eating. Also do not forget to use the holy trinity of dental care. I’m talking about the toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash. Use them every day at least twice a day and it will be a piece of cake to have the smile of a movie star.


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A little blood?


If you see blood when brushing your teeth that means bad news for you. The first thing it comes to my mind when I see this is gingivitis. This can be caused by having a poor dental care routine, and you should be careful, because it can lead to periodontitis and ultimately tooth loss. Blood when brushing or flossing can also mean gum recession.


If that is the case, then you should review your brushing technique. There is a chance that you are pushing too hard and harming your own gums. Try to always brush gently and carefully. Teeth may be hard but they are not indestructible, you know. Treat them with care and respect.


If the problem is due to gingivitis then you should see a dentist. A root scaling will do the job just fine. The process is just a deep cleaning that will stimulate gum regrowth. The best part is that is not that expensive at out clinic and it is not painful at all.

Well that is all for today, I hope this article serves you well. Keep in mind that you should also inculcate this tips and tricks in your kids if you want them to grow up with beautiful teeth. My mom used to say that the secret for having a nice denture all my life is to eat well, brushing every day and using mouthwash and floss, as well as going to the dentist once a year.


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