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Signs that you are doing wrong your dental hygiene

Signs that you are doing wrong your dental hygiene
September 2nd, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a really nice weekend. Today I want to discuss something that I get asked a lot by patients in Los Algodones. Many patients ask me if they are doing right their oral hygiene routine. They explain to me how do they brush, floss and rinse. They talk about their routine and habits to help me create a big picture of what is going on.


Honestly, it is sad to say that more than 50%  of those patients do not have a good dental hygiene. I will use this experience to list a couple of thing that you may be doing wrong in your dental care routine. Then I will try my best to tell you how to fix these errors. Because you can’t imagine my surprise when I discover that these patients have no clue about how to solve these things!


Not enough brushing


I do not know why this is a thing but it exist. There are patients that brush their teeth very few times. Some even brush their teeth every two weeks, yuck. In the best case scenario of these patients, they brush their teeth once a day, usually at night before they sleep. I believe that I do not have to tell you that you have to brush your teeth at least twice a day to keep them nice and clean.


I understand that some complications in life can drive you away from taking care of your teeth but come on. Teeth are not for always, at least they are not going to last if you don’ take care of them. I suggest that if you forget about brushing or are a little lazy, you can use your phone’s alarm to remind yourself that you must brush your teeth.

Sensitive teeth


This was a symptom that I heard a lot form my patients. They describe that they have difficult drinking hot and cold drinks. They feel excruciating pain whenever they sip, and sometimes even when they brush. This sensitivity on your teeth is due to the fact that your tooth enamel is worn out. This occurs because the patient brush too aggressively, or they consume acidic food too often.


You can start correcting this by changing your brushing habits. If you don’t use a soft bristle toothbrush maybe it is time you get one. They are really gentle to your gums and teeth, and you should try to do more slow and gentle strokes and not rushing the attack. If you are interested in cheap toothbrush, I recommend pharmacies in Los Algodones. Any of them got excellent prices and discount in any dental related item that you may need.


At the same time you should avoid eating too much acidic food, like tomatoes sauces, milk and sugar. Coffee, sodas and alcohol also erodes the tooth enamel, so be very cautious when drinking them too much.


Try to stick with fruits like apples and pears that are really nice to your teeth and have natural sugar. The juices of the fruits helps your teeth because they equilibrate the mouth pH and avoid acidness. Besides they are pretty yummy.


Why so smelly?


Bad breath is another one that I hear a lot. And the reasons may change from patient to patient, but the cause often is bad dental hygiene. If you don’t brush enough, don’t use dental floss or mouth wash your mouth is going to smell like a dumpster. And it will reek more if you enjoy food, remember that food decompose. That decomposition occurs in the mouth and the smell is not going to be really pleasant.


Other causes can include injuries and such, and the best is to go to a dentist. Other popular cause was that most of those patients smoke regularly. So if you are one and want a breath that doesn’t scare away people, you should consider to stop smoking as soon as possible.

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