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Why smoking is really bad for your dental health

Why smoking is really bad for your dental health
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There are some great habits you can do to improve your dental health. You can be at the top of your dental hygiene by brushing, flossing and such. But it takes little mistakes to drop the ball, many patients do not realize this by their own. It such a common mistake and I am going to address today the worst mistake of all. Yes, today I am going to talk why smoking is so bad for your dental health.


Out of all the bad habits for you dental health, smoking brings a lot of consequences. The thing is that back in the 60’s cigarettes where so popular. People encourage smoking because it was not known at the time the side effects. It was not until later that we discovered the negative effects in our health. Nowadays smoking it’s not seen as acceptable as before, and the medical community is trying to make people smoke less and less.


This is such a good thing as apart from other complications, smoking is really bad for your mouth. It can destroy your respiratory system so bad. You won’t be able to walk a couple without losing your breath. And let’s not get started with cancer. Cigarettes can mess up your body in a lot of ways. It can deteriorate your lungs, throat and mouth. It is really such a bad habit and it will help you a lot to stop it as soon as possible.

A foul breath for free

The first thing that smoking affects in your dental health is your breath. Say goodbye to a fresh breath and embrace bad breath as long as you are smoking. Many patients seem to think that brushing and rinsing after smoking can mask the scent from smoking. This is just plain wrong and over time you will develop bad breath anyways. The worst part is that it will stick for a long time and to get rid of it is a headache.


The next thing in line is your teeth. They will start to look more yellow and yellow. At first many people won’t notice at all, but it will become beyond reparable. There will be no cleaning or whitening available that could save them. This sucks because nothing is more attractive than a white beautiful smile. Besides your teeth will rot and fall down, and replacing a tooth is more expensive than a simple cleaning or whitening.


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Other negative of smoking in your dental health


Besides the aesthetic point of view, smoking can bring many diseases to your mouth. The  many chemicals present in cigarettes are harmful to human health. Just read the contents on the package and google them to scare yourself. The some can lead your gums to infections such as gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. It is so sad to see beautiful teeth get ruined by just inhaling some smoke.


Stay strong and start to smoke less today. There is a lot at stake and it is your health we are talking about here. It just takes a day at a time and it is worth it to quit smoking. In the end it will be a lot less expensive to give up that nasty vice.



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