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How to take care of your dentures Tips for users

How to take care of your dentures Tips for users
February 17th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Howdy! Today I want to tell you guys about some tips you can apply in your everyday life to keep your denture in top notch form. For denture users, the denture itself constitutes as a key piece of their life, not only they function as a regular set of teeth, but they have to look like them as well to help the patient to gain confidence, and to chew their food too.


That’s why it is pretty important to take good care of them. If you neglect taking care of your dentures you are risking your aesthetic look and your health. Poor dental care can be the reason many denture user suffers from many nasty diseases like gingivitis, bad breath, among others. And let’s not even mention the can mess up their denture and lose it.


Other affections some studies points are fungal infection, oral stomatitis, and others. So if you want to avoid all of them, strap on and pay close attention to these amazing tips to take care of your dentures so you can keep smiling, eating, and speaking like a champ


Brush your dentures every day


Let’s start with the basics. You have to treat your dentures like you would treat regular teeth. What this mean is that you have to brush them at least twice a day without skkiping one single day to clean them from food particles. That way you’ll ensure that your dentures doesn’t rot or stain pretty badly.


After a good brushing you can rinse them in water or cleaning liquid to remnants, but doing this before brushing will make the job even easier!. Another thing to consider is to brush your dentures very softly with a soft bristled toothbrush while using a mild hand soap, dishwashing detergent works very nice too. Avoid toothpaste it0s also a must, as it’s too abrasive for most dentures, sadly.


You can find amazing deals in dentures cleaning products in most pharmacies in Los Algodones, very cheap but with top quality. There are some of them even with the ADA seal of approval!


Other great suggestion is to try to avoid using products with bleaching agents because they can severely damage your dentures. Causing irritations in the gums and wearing down the dentures. In case you are using denture adhesives, clean the grooves that fit against the gums carefully to remove any of adhesive leftovers.


Denture cleaner, your best friend when cleaning your dentures


After a long session of brushing your dentures, the next best thing you can do is to soak them in a nonabrasive denture cleaner. This step while get rid of all the bad stuff for tour dentures, like food particles, plaque, and most importantly, bacteria. You will be killing all the germs and bacteria that can infect your mouth and also cause bad breath, certainly two birds with one stone.


Remember to always follow the instructions from the manufacturer very carefully. You don’t want to soak your dentures for very long or to use the denture cleansers inside your mouth, drinking it will make you very ill. After rinsing your dentures you can put them back into your mouth without any problems.

Give yourself a good break from using dentures


Taking a break from using denture it’s also good for your health. By taking off your dentures out for some good 6 to 8 hours a day will help your mouth’s tissues to recover from any soreness and irritation that can come with the extended use of dentures


A great idea is to take them off before going to bed every night. Leave your dentures in a glass with warm water or a special solution overnight to keep them really nice and clean. This will also keep their original shape and prevents them from drying or bending.


Speaking of bending, avoid using hot water to soak your dentures if you don’t want them to deform really bad. And when handling your dentures, it is always a great idea to hold them with a towel to prevent they fall off and break.


In case you have any soreness or feel discomfort while using dentures don’t hesitate to consult with your dentist. He or she will provide the best assistance to solve any of your problems.

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