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How to take good care of your teeth in the holidays

How to take good care of your teeth in the holidays
December 24th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Happy holidays everyone! These days are really relaxing and nice to share with family, friends and significant others. But it is also rough to your teeth if you do not care enough. Because we are more likely to be around so many people, it is important that you sport the best smile you can. There is no better feeling than be really confident and melt away hearts and turn heads to admire your smile.


I know it can be somewhat difficult to maintain a white smile on the holidays. There are so many delicious foods to try and eat, and let’s not even mention the drinks. But, do not worry, I will teach you some neat tips that hopefully serves you well. With these, your smile will look as fantastic as ever. Let’s cut the chase and learn what this is about.


Things you do not want to abuse


The keyword here is moderation. As I stated above in the holidays we have many delicious treats. We can find a lot of ham, turkey, eggnog, gravy, candies and more. Honestly just mentioning these things it makes my mouth water. I love food, and I am sure that most of you do. But we have to control ourselves and try to not abuse eating too much food in the holidays. Remember that most of those foods tend to stain your teeth badly.


So the next time you are in a feast or a dinner, remember to take it slowly. Especially if you drink a lot of wine and desserts. Those two are the most harmful to your smile. I do not know if you are a smoker, but if you are, it is always a good idea to cut it out. Smoking destroy your teeth like you have no idea. After you eat or drink it is always a nice idea to brush your teeth or at least rinse them.


A nice trick my wife taught me for the holidays is to carry some sugarless chewing gum. This is really cool because you can stimulate the saliva production to help clean a little your teeth. Chewing gum also can help a little bit with bad breath. Keep in mind that it has to be sugarless gum, other kind will only do the opposite effect and ruin your breath and smile.


Keeping good dental hygiene in the holidays


On the same note, the holidays are a really good time to keep a good dental hygiene. You can start by brushing your teeth twice a day. Having a good brushing technique helps a ton to get away all the food debris and stain in your teeth. The one I always suggest in these articles is to be slow and gentle with the strokes.  Also, commit to one direction, vertically or horizontally. As long as you cover all areas in the mouth you are golden.


Use dental floss and mouth wash after brushing and your smile will end up sparklingly white. Do not forget to wash your teeth after eating those delicious Christmas treats and your smile won’t suffer one bit these holidays.


Do not forget to visit your dentist before and after the holidays for some nice cleaning. It is pretty important that you keep a good track record so you do not waste away your teeth. If you are interested in saving more than 50% in dental work consider visiting us next year in Dental Solutions in Los Algodones. Located in Mexico, we have modern facilities, well trained dentists and a staff fluent in English to help you smile again!



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