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Taking care of your dental health: drinks to look out for

Taking care of your dental health: drinks to look out for
February 18th, 2016 | Blog, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

A good dental health isn´t just about brushing, flushing and regular dental visits. It´s also about being mindful about what we drink and drink; it’s a scientific fact that some foods and beverages are more harmful than others. With that in mind, let´s talk a little about some drinks to watch out for,

Don´t think that we are advocating one of those diets where you are supposed to completely avoid some foods and drinks. Moderation is key here, eat and drink what you want, but mindful of how much you are consuming, keeping some foods under check is going to prevent a lot of problems down the road.


This one is an old foe of white smiles. Coffee´s natural color and acidity tends to stain dentures, giving that yellowish color that also comes from tobacco (just imagine what happens when you mix both). Fortunately, it´s extremely easy to treat, as long as you go your regular dentists appointments, it shouldn´t be an issue at all.

Dental health and wine

There is nothing quite like a wonderful glass of wine on a chilly night, or with a course meal. But what people don’t know is that wine is acidic, which means that it dissolves the enamel (a coat that protects the tooth) leaving the teeth´s surface porous and vulnerable to stains.

Considering that red wine also has deep pigments such as chromogen and tannins, a diet with a lot of red wine will end up staining your teeth (if you have ever spilled wine on cloth you know what that looks like). White wine, even if it lacks the pigments, is also acidic; so in the end, while it may not stain your teeth, it leaves them vulnerable for other foods and beverages to finish the job.

Your best bet is to swish with water or use a little bit of toothpaste with a whitening agent after having a glass of wine, removing any residues and protecting your teeth from stains.

Fruit Juice, Sports Drinks and Soda

What do these things have in common?. They all contain a denture´s worst enemy: Sugar. Remember that sugary products promote bacterial growth, which, if left unchecked will lead to cavities, infections, and even tooth loss.

The easiest solution is to replace these products with water, or diet alternatives, such as sugar free products. For example, natural juices instead of the canned variety, diet soda instead of regular, and so on.

Even if you manage to find sugar free drinks or soda, keep in mind that just like wine, these are acidic products, which end up leaving your teeth vulnerable to stains. Your safest bet is to brush and floss after drinking or eating food with sugar.

Good habits lead to a good dental health, being mindful of what you eat is a sure way to protect your denture, and your beautiful looking smile.

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