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Taking care of your toothbrush

Taking care of your toothbrush
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Your toothbrush is one of the most important tools in dental care. It serves a huge role in your arsenal to fight dental diseases. And just as you like to take care of your teeth you have to take care of the things that take care of your teeth, such as the tooth brush.


The first thing to know about how to take proper care of your toothbrush is to know how it is build. Basically if you own a traditional toothbrush it consists on a single handle and bristles in one of its ends. These bristles are the part that serves to clean our teeth, gums and tongue from food debris.

Usually the toothbrush is built in an ergonomic way so it fits into your hands comfortably. The same goes to the bristles, they are designed so they clean your teeth better. Although some designs can be very cool, most toothbrushes are a really useful when it comes to its everyday use.


Electric brushes on the other hand have slightly different design. They serve the same propose but the function different because they use battery to move the bristles automatically. We’ll discuss this point about electric brushes later on in this article. Please stay tuned.


How to clean your toothbrush


A toothbrush can last 3 to 4 months usually. But it can last longer with the proper care and cleaning. It is very important that you keep your toothbrush nice and clean to take god care of your mouth and avoid nasty diseases. A toothbrush in bad state can be the cause of gingivitis and even caries. So pay close attention to the following tips.


When using your toothbrush try to be as gentle as possible to avoid wearing down the enamel of the tooth. The enamel is a coat that protects your teeth against bacteria and gives them that shiny look. Besides, it is responsible for their toughness and is pretty valuable to your health. This also can help you a ton to preserve the longevity of the bristles of the toothbrush


After using your toothbrush it is a good to boil it in water to kill any bacteria that it has. This will avoid that food debris build up bacteria that can affect your mouth in the long run. Some people like to rub alcohol or use some liquids to disinfect their toothbrush but personally I don’t suggest using any product without the ADA seal of approval.


Remember to keep your toothbrush in a clean place with room temperature. Avoid dry places and moist places, the same goes with hot and cold places because you can create an environment ideal for bacteria and you will mess up your own toothbrush. Keep it fresh and safe to maintain it in top notch condition for the longest time possible.


You can apply the same rules to the electric toothbrush if you own one. Just keep in mind to change the batteries often if you don’t have rechargeable ones and clean its pieces to keep them working smoothly.


When to change your toothbrush?


Most dentists in Los Algodones suggest that you should change your toothbrush every 4 months. But not every toothbrush has the same resistance, so I recommend being discretional with it. If you see your toothbrush I bad shape after 2 months you should change it as soon as possible to avoid injuring yourself when brushing your teeth.


With an electric toothbrush is pretty much the same. You should change the bristles when you see they look open and rough. Remember when buying a toothbrush to look for the softest bristles available to take care of your mouth and teeth.

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