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How to teach your kids proper dental hygiene

How to teach your kids proper dental hygiene
June 4th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

As a parent we have the duty to take care of our children and to pretect them form all harm. We also have the responsability to teach them how to be good and behave. One of the most important lessons we can teach to our children, besides riding a bike, is to teach them how to poperly take care of their teeth.


This can be on big struggle for some parents because not all kids can behave and they can be too hyperactive. As my mom likes to say ‘not everything is easy or simple’, and I believe she is totally correct. Teaching your kids about dental hygiene is more than just showing them the best techniques, you also have to motivate them and cultivate that habit on them. That way they will grow up with perfect white teeth and will thank you so much later on in ther lives.

How to motivate your kids?


As I stated above, the key to properly teach your kids dental hygiene is to motivate them the right way. If you fail your kids will probably neglect their oral hygiene and will end up with many problems. They will be more open to suffer from dental caries, gingiviti, crooked teeth among others conditions.


We can start by teaching them about the mouth itself, how many teeth we have and what are their functions. It is important to make sure they understand that it is part of our body and that without them we would live a difficult life as they serve as a tool to eat. At the same time it is important that they value the aesthetic function that the teeth also provides, you can apply some kind of scare tactics telling them that if they don’t take proper care of their teeth they will lose all their teeth.


Apart from that, you have to set an example for them. You will acomplish nothing if you tell your children to brush their teeth but they don’t see you do it. If there is something kids are really good at is at imitating their role models, and it is a great idea to use this to your advantages for your kids’ well being.


You can also capitalize on this by making a simple act such as brushing your teeth a family activity. What I mean with this is that on mornings and nights you can brush together with your kids, that why you can set an example and teach them your best tecnhniques. I learned that one advice from a patient here in Los Algodones.


Show them your best moves


Explain to your kids how exactly should they brush their teeth. Give them advice on how they can improve their skills. One thing I like to do is to show them how do I do it first, using circle motions in the molars and straight motions on the front teeth.

Other thing that you can teach them is to brush gently. It is very important that if your kid brush aggresively you correct them because they can wear down their gums and enamel, leaving their teeth exposed to sensitivity. depending on their age you can teach them also how to use the dental floss and the mouth wash, that will give them the extra mile to proper dental hygiene.


Last but not least it is a good thing to teach them about eating properly to have better teeth. A balanced diet will ensure that their teeth grow strong and healthy. Try to feed them with milk and veggies and cut down the sugar a bit. I know kids love sweets but remember that sugar is bad for the teeth. Also remember to arm yourself with patience and love and your children will learn in no time.







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