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How to teach proper dental hygiene to your kids

How to teach proper dental hygiene to your kids
April 21st, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend of rest. Welcome to today’s entry, we are going to discuss a topic really important for parents. This subject is really important for kids too, as dental hygiene is a must in every patient’s life. With the proper teachings, your kids can learn how to take good care of their teeth for life. This will bring a nice beautiful smile forever in their lives, and surely they will remember to thank you for that.


It is important to start by having a superb dental hygiene ourselves so we can set an example. Kids can mimic easily their parents’ behavior, they are like little sponges. So if they do not see you taking good care of your teeth, chances are they probably won’t do it too. Every bad habit that you may have they will copy that in a heartbeat.  So let’s try and changes those bad habit for better ones, shall we?

Teaching the basics of dental hygiene


First of all we have to set the ground for a solid dental hygiene routine. It start with brushing your teeth, this will create the foundations so your kids have that nice beautiful smile. One trick I like to do with my kids to motivate them to brush their teeth is to let them pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste. This way they will be more inclined to use them, they will find it very fun. They will also feel very compromised and happy if they choose one with their favorite character from cartoons and such.


Always tell them to brush their teeth twice a day, every day. It is perfect if you get them to brush their teeth after every meal, but sometimes it can be so hard. What I like to do is tell them the same thing my parents told to me, that my teeth will fall down if I did not brush. I used to feel so scared and terrified of that thought. Another trick is to brush alongside them so they do not feel alone, or that brushing is such an order. Besides this is more fun and will create a bond with your kid.


Dental hygiene is all about consistency, as I said be clear with your kids with this. After brushing you can teach them to floss if they are old enough but doing rinse with mouthwash afterwards is fine. Remember to teach them to use very little and to not swallow the mouthwash. It is not the end of the world if it happens but their tummies will hurt for hours.

Getting rid of the fear of dentists


This can be an instant headache, trying to take your kids to the dentists. They can easily see it as a torture chamber which is totally unnecessary. You have to try your best to let them know that dentists are their friend. One way to help them surpass this fear is to schedule your appointment along with them. Doing activities with your kids will make them feel very comforting and not as a chore schedule an appointment for your kids twice a year for checkup and cleaning.


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