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How teeth can affect your self esteem

How teeth can affect your self esteem
April 9th, 2017 | Blog | 1 Comment

Teeth are a major part of our body and conforms part of our presentation card sort to speak. It is not a secret that first impression matters, meaning that most of the times the first thing that people see in us is our face. And that includes our teeth, as I said before, when we are introduced to someone one of the first thing we do is give away a nice smile.


For most of the population this scenario is pretty normal, but what about people with crooked or bad teeth? For them, this scenario alone can terrify them to death and can leave emotional scars. We all are self-conscious about our defects, especially the ones that are visible at simple sight. That is why having a good dental hygiene routine is so important.


And how can I change that?


For the people who don’t know, having a good dental hygiene is pretty easy. A piece of cake if you prefer. The first step to take care of your teeth health is to brush every day. Some products I recommend are a toothbrush, of course, but also a good toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash. Always search for brands that have the ADA (American Dentists Association) seal of approval.


A nice thing to take in mind is that in Los Algodones pharmacies you can find any dental product at very low prices and some really nice deals and offers too!


When brushing your teeth you have to use the correct technique. This plays a huge role to clean your teeth, because that way you can get rid of all the bacteria that forms inside your mouth. Some of the best techniques includes vibrating motion and using circular patterns with vertical and horizontal motions to complement as well.


Keep in mind that you have to aim to be very careful and gentle or you are going to end up injuring yourself. Being too aggressive can end up wearing up the enamel and the gums, leaving your mouth exposed to some diseases like gingivitis or cavities. So remember, slow and steady wins the race!


On the same note you should brush constantly, twice a day every day at least. Brush them first thing in the morning and before going to bed, but you should brush them after every meal and especially after eating sugary food and drinks like sodas and candies. Don’t forget to use floss and mouthwash to rinse and you will be very fine.


But that’s not it


Sometimes the conditions of our teeth aren’t our responsibilities. There are certain unfortunate events that can be the reason that a patient has bad teeth. It can be due to genetics, diseases and even accidents. But despite the several reasons the solutions are basically the same. First of all, you can’t treat any of this at home, you need to go to a professional dentist to solve the problem.

Fortunately for you here in Dental Solutions Los Algodones we have a very capable staff and equipment top of the line to treat any case that presents to us. Like the CAT Scan, for example, to evaluate the condition of our patients’ mouth and give a correct diagnosis. Then, after that we will decide what is the best treatment for them.


And the solutions are endless, it can be braces, veneers, laser whitening, denture, crowns and much more. For older patients we have experts available in dental implants and bridges. One of the most popular treatment to replace teeth is the All on 4 because of its effectiveness and cost.


So it doesn’t matter what kind of problem the patient may have, here in Dental Solutions Los Algodones we are going to help them smile again.

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