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Is teeth whitening a treatment worth doing?

Is teeth whitening a treatment worth doing?
July 17th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hello everyone, I really hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying the World Cup. Today I want to talk about a subject that is so important for most of us. Having a nice white smile is a must if we want to look good and healthy. Unfortunately it is not a look that everyone can achieve naturally when they neglected their dental hygiene. So I want to address teeth whitening as a solution for this.


What most patients ask me is if a teeth whitening worth it if they have stained teeth or worse condition for their teeth. To give you a short answer, an evaluation by a dentist is absolutely necessary if you want to know the best course of action. Get your evaluation for FREE at Dental Solution in Los Algodones. We have a great team of prepared dentists part of the ADA, staff fluent in English along with great deals and prices.

Going to the dentist vs DIY home kits


This is a debate that can spark along many people. Is it better to get teeth whitening at home or at a dental clinic? One option seems cheaper than the other, just as the other seems safer on paper. There is many things to consider on this subject and I will try to solve any doubt about it. DIY home kits for teeth whitening can work just fine as long as you have mild stains and you follow the instructions carefully.


Remember that using any kind of teeth whitening requires the use of abrasive chemicals that can ruin your teeth enamel. You have to be really careful when applying it yourself and you will be safer with a dentist. Besides, you will get guaranteed results with a professional dentist, especially if your teeth are really stained for some years by now.


Addressing about the many options to fix a smile, teeth whitening is not the only solution available. The condition of your teeth will determine what the best for your case is. Sometimes a dental cleaning is more than enough and in other cases veneers will be necessary to make it as good as new. It will depend on the evaluation made by the dentist in charge.


More than just one kind


Teeth whitening can be a little more complicated than we think. You have many kinds of whitening that you can get. From many DIY kits to laser whitening at the dentists, I will discuss about the most popular ones that you can get at the dentist. Starting with the old classic teeth whitening, it is really cheap and really fast. You won’t have to sit hours in the chair to get that nes white beautiful smile.


The dentist will apply carefully chemicals that will bleach your teeth basically. These chemicals are not harmful but they can be abrasive in excess. Hopefully, your dentist will be skillful enough to get the job done without any problem at all. In Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico you won’t have any at all with this.


The other type is the use of laser to bleach your teeth. After a coat of bleaching chemicals similar to the traditional one, the dentist will use laser to make it react and white your teeth in the process. It is really fast and effective to get teeth whitening with amazing results.

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