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Things you should not stop doing to have perfect teeth

Things you should not stop doing to have perfect teeth
May 20th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hi again! Welcome to another entry on oral health here in Dental Solutions Los Algodones. Today I want to discuss something very important regarding dental care. This may be your typical dental hygiene tips that you are used to read and hear, but I promise I’ll try to spice thing up a little bit so you don’t get bored quickly.

Most patients think they know everything about dental health, others they simply just forget about it. In this case it is important to not be overconfident and overlook the little things. My teacher always said that when in doubt I should go back to the basics. And that is why I want to share with you, return to the basics of oral hygiene to keep your mouth health and your teeth beautiful and shiny.


So let’s jump right into the discussion about the things that you should not stop doing to have perfect teeth.


Brushing your teeth everyday


This is the most basic of all and the best advice someone can give you. It is pretty simple, if you want white teeth, you have to brush them every day. And as simple as this advice you should keep it very simple, brush your teeth twice a day to keep them sparkly.


Besides, you should go the extra mile and brush your teeth after every meal. Especially after eating sweets like candies or chocolate. When brushing your teeth remember to be gentle and not aggressive or you can harm the enamel of the tooth and leave it exposed to sensitivity.


Using dental floss

Dental floss is like your toothbrush’s best friend. Because they both complement so well each other they could be like the golden couple of dental. Jokes aside, having dental floss in your bathroom is a must if you want perfect teeth.


Aside from that, cleaning between each tooth is really important for your oral health. Food debris tends to get stuck there and if you don’t attend this matter those remnants rot and can cause serious disaster in your mouth. Some of the diseases it can bring to your teeth are dental caries or cavities, but it can affect your gums too in the form of gingivitis. So be a good lad and use dental floss after brushing.


Don’t forget about the mouthwash


This step is as simple as the others, but that mouthwash can’t help a lot too. Rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash can prevent bacteria and plaque to build up. If you want to have a fresh breath and avoid bad breath overall, then this is one of the most important steps in dental hygiene. You certainly don’t want to miss it.


I recommend to use mouth wash at least two times a day. And try to get one that doesn’t have any alcohol in it because in the long run it can affect your teeth. If you choose one with it you should try to mix it with a little water to mitigate its effect.

Also, when searching for dental products try to pick ones with the ADA seal of approval. They are the most safe and top quality products you will find out there in the market and most of the more recognizable brands have it.


Visit your dentist regularly


To guarantee that your smile stay fresh and healthy don’t forget about your dentist. Regular checkups and cleaning can make or break the difference between a movie star smile and a really nasty one. One thing I can say is that in Los Algodones you will find really good prices in any dental treatment, but in Dental Solutions you will find the best ones in town.

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