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Top dental treatment to go for a beautiful smile

Top dental treatment to go for a beautiful smile
October 30th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone, today is a special day because we are going to help you list top dental treatments for a white smile. When going to the dentists, most patients do not know what to get for a beautiful smile. It is your dentist job to help you decide which procedure is the best for you but it does not hurt to know beforehand. Maybe it can help you plan your trip better to Los Algodones and pick something that adjust to your needs and budget.


Beforehand I want to make a little disclaimer because I want you all to know that you can get all these treatment in Dental Solutions. We are located in Los Algodones Mexico and we have more than 7 years of experience. Or prices and quality of work are superb and that is what differentiates us from most of the dentists in Los Algodones. Save money now by scheduling an appointment with us!


Now for today’s subject, let’s begin with the list. The perfect procedure for a beautiful smile a

t the dentist’s office will depend on your budget as I said before. Another factor to take into account is to see if you have all your teeth or not. This is important because the treatment to improve your smile drastically change according to this, let us see why.


Treatment for improving your teeth


If the patient has all his teeth, then the treatment to go are cleaning and whitening. Patients that have all their teeth in perfect for can get a simple cleaning or whitening to improve their color and change their smile. In case of crooked teeth, then braces are the best options. But, what if the patient has their teeth in a bad state?


For cracked, chipped, broken teeth then crowns will give your teeth new life. It is just a cap that goes over the tooth after the respective build up. It will look as good as new and definitively give you a new beautiful smile. One of the advantages of this treatment is the wide range of options that you have, you can choose what material you want for your crowns. So it can be a really inexpensive treatment to go for.


Apart from crowns veneers are another great option for a beautiful smile. Dental veneers acts like a mask that goes in front of the tooth and gives him a whole new look to die for. They are really popular because of their functionality and price. Besides it is a treatment popular among celebrities and such. Consult with your dentist to see if you are an eligible candidate for this awesome treatment.


What if I have missing teeth?


If the patient has missing teeth, then a dental bridge is one option to consider. Apart from this, partial dentures and full dentures are also a great option for many patients. They are inexpensive as well and it won’t break the bank at all. So they are another popular choice for most patients that come into our clinic.


But the best option by far is dental implants. They offer the patient a new denture or new teeth good as new. Dental implants are really reliable and durable, and the patient does not have to worry about maintaining it too much. They are just as natural teeth. If the patient is missing all or most of their teeth we strongly suggest the All on 4 treatment which is our specialty!



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