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Top habits to avoid if you want perfect teeth

Top habits to avoid if you want perfect teeth
July 1st, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Hi guys, welcome to today’s entry in this awesome blog. I feel amazing and I hope you too! I do know that most of you have a sexy smile, but you already know that we just want to share some tips to make it even sexier. So here we go, let’s talk about some habits that are really bad for your smile. If you want to have perfect teeth you have to avoid them at all cost, it can seriously hurt your smile, so let’s jump right into it.


It is really important to take care of your smile because it is a clear signal of good health. Oral health means stronger and perfect teeth, you will be surprised to know how easy it is. At the same time there are some habits that just can easily ruin that. The worst part is that they are things that we do every day without noticing. Luckily for you, you read Dental Solutions in Los Algodones blog you are not common people, besides you can get great deals in dental with us.


Ice, not cool my fiend


One really bad habit many patient have is to chew on ice. I know it can feel real good and can relieve some stress but you have to think about the future. Every time you chew on ice you are wearing down your tooth and its enamel. In some years you will found yourself craking your tooth in the best case scenario. The same goes for chewing on hard food like bones and hard candies, watch ou from that stuff.


I want to make a parenthesis and talk about colorant in food. Although it does not crack your perfect teeth, it can make them look bad. Overall, you’d want to avoid any artificial colorant in food to dodge staining your teeth. Keep in mind the same tip for sugar as it is present in almost every stuff we consume. The same goes for coffee and energy drinks, they can wreck your smile pretty easily.

Beware of smoking, it is bad news


I cannot stress this enough but smoking is bad for your health. Alongside it can ruin you perfect teeth in no time. Not only gives you a pretty bad breath it can lead to tooth loss. Many patients feel like they just cut it bad a bit and reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke. The truth is that it does not matter, you breath will fail and you teeth will fall eventually. Quit It as soon as possible before you lose all your teeth.

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Another bad consumable for your teeth is alcohol. Red wine especially has not only sugar that can ruin your smile, the alcohol is enough to affect your teeth. Keep in mind that abusing alcohol does affect your teeth so avoid abusing it. that is it for today, I hope you learn something from this and apply it today. Remember we have our doors open for you in Los Algodones Mexico for top dental treatment at affordable cost. Keep smiling!



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