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Top procedures to get whiter teeth, a whiter smile

Top procedures to get whiter teeth, a whiter smile
April 8th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Having a white nice smile can be a dream for many people. It speaks sexy and confidence by itself. A whiter smile can also be associated health. Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult for some patient to achieve this by themselves. But that does not mean at all that they cannot get a white smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a bless, it really can turn your life around giving you a new smile.


And I know what you may be thinking right now. Probably something along the lines that cosmetic dentistry is too expensive for getting a whiter smile. In United State at least it can get ridiculously expensive, like crazy expensive. But if you come to Los Algodones, especially Dental Solutions, this cost much less. You can save up to 60% or more in any dental treatment you need. Hit us with a message or a phone call to know more about it.


Now we are going to get into the meat of today’s article. Let’s point what procedures are better for a whiter smile. This can go from simple procedures such as whitening to more complicated like dental implants. It is important to take in mind that which option is the best for you depends on the evaluation made by the dentist. Saying this let’s jump right into it.

Getting teeth whitening and crowns

This is really an easy one. And it is really cheap, these option are so affordable. The best part is that you can see the results right after the treatment. Especially if you go for a simple whitening. It will leave your smile white like stars. But if your teeth are in a bad condition, then replacing them with crowns may be the best option. I suggest full porcelain crowns or zirconia as they give you a whiter smile with a natural look and feel.


If crowns are not your thing and your teeth let it be, you can choose veneers. Veneers in Los Algodones, Mexico are made usually from porcelain. This is great because you get both durability and aesthetic. And the cost is not that far from crowns, besides your tooth does not have to be prepared like the crowns. The dentist just wears down a portion of the front of the tooth to then paste the veneers in


Need dentures? Go for implants!

Last but not least, if you have several teeth loss, consider bridges to replace them. A partial denture can work also, the same goes for a full denture. Sadly, they are not a permanent solution and the can be de attachable, which can be a turn off for some patients. If you which to get a permanent solution and get a whiter smile, then I suggest dental implants.


In Dental Solutions we are specialist in the all on 4 treatment. With this you can get a complete permanent denture supported by 4 implants. Not only it is a quick procedure for a new smile, the cost is much more affordable compared to US prices. You cannot get a whiter smile from a denture supported by implants.

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