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Top reasons why you do not have white teeth

Top reasons why you do not have white teeth
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Hi, good morning, or evening depending on when you are reading this article. First impressions matter a huge deal. People can perceive us differently depending on our looks. Nothing opens more doors in life than having a big white smile. Having white teeth is a clear sign of health and attractiveness. That is why today I am going to shed some light on why some patient fail to have such a beautiful smile.


It is sad to see so many smile crumbles due to having bad habits when it comes to dental hygiene. And that is the number one reason why some people ruin their smile. Fortunately it is easy to fix, I am going to help you fix it. But, first let’s take into account where are we failing our teeth. In simple terms it boils down to dental hygiene and bad habits. Let’s jump right into it to see what we can learn together.

Mind your dental hygiene


This is a must when it comes to having white teeth. Many patients that suffer from something simple like yellow teeth or teeth loss have something in common. And this is the lack of a good consistent dental hygiene routine. In best case scenario they brush their teeth once a day. Needless to say this is not enough at all. So we just have to step up our dental care, let me share some tips how you can achieve that.


Remind yourself to brush your teeth twice a day at least. Although I always suggest to brush your teeth after every meal for better results. As for your toothbrush, choose a soft bristle over a hard one to take care of your tooth enamel. Use gentle and slow strokes to brush your teeth and you will be golden. Aside from this use dental floss and mouthwash to complete a good dental care routine.


When using dental floss, keep in mind that using just a couple of inches is enough. Use slow movements to avoid hurting your gums and get rid of the food debris. Close it out with a good rinse of mouthwash and not only your teeth will look great, your breath will smell amazing. The secret to white teeth is taking really good care of them and not skipping or neglecting their hygiene.


Certain foods and drinks to avoid


Another fail many patients commit is to consume too much sugar and colorants in their food. Sauces, sodas, coffee, alcohol are all bad for your teeth. They can easily stain the whitest smile, and if you add bad dental hygiene it creates the formula to disaster. That is why I always recommend patients to brush their teeth after every meal. Finally another thing to consider avoiding is smoking, it is really dangerous for your teeth health.


In conclusion, visit your dentist for regular checkup and cleaning. It really makes a difference if you want white teeth and a beautiful smile. Visit us in Los Algodones to save money in any dental treatment. We are located close to the border and offer you the best dental treatment following ADA standards so you are getting the best bang for your buck.

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