Top reasons why dental implants are the best

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Many patients ask me what is the best treatment for teeth loss. Although there are many options available for recovering that beautiful smile, there is only one in the top of my head that trumps them all. I am talking about dental implants and let me tell you why they are the best.

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For those unfamiliar with this, a dental implant is basically a screw that is inserted into the jawbone. It can hold up a tooth or a denture permanently. This is game changing because the patient does not have to worry about removable dentures, they can have a new set of teeth that looks and functions like natural ones! It really does sound amazing and that would be the first thing that I like about implants.

The second thing that I like is the price, they tend to be a little pricy at the States, but in Mexico they are really affordable, especially at Dental Solutions In Los Algodones. You will pay 50% less than the US and Canada and for permament dentures, is definitely a steal.

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Another thing to consider is the time, installing the screws is really easy and quick. The dentist use a special drill and computer to calculate and voila! New teeth. The only downside is the recovery period of 6 months to get the dentures or crowns, But it is totally worth it.

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