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Top things to do in 2018 to have a healthy smile

December 30th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hi everyone and welcome! 201 7 is already gone and 2018 is right on the corner. To prepare for the next year I got a list of things you have to do to gain a healthy smile. Looking to this past year, We have to reflect and think about what we did wrong and right. So having a list with new year’s resolution can help a lot to your dental hygiene too.


Let’s see, if you are like me and my most avid readers, you already know what is good for your teeth. Probably you already know how to take good care of your smile. If that is the case, do not worry keep doing it and keep reading, maybe you can learn something new. The key to get a healthy smile is to have discipline and consistency on doing the right thing over and over. Let’s see what those things you have to keep doing are.


Brushing your teeth every day


The most basic and safe advice I can give you is to brush your teeth. Most dentists in Los Algodones will tell you to brush them at least twice a day. But I believe that 3 times a day is enough, one for every meal. Keep in mind that if you eat snacks in between it is a good idea to brush them after those too.

On the same note, watch your brushing technique. Use slow and gentle strokes always to avoid damaging your tooth enamel and gums. AS for directions of the strokes, vertical and horizontal movements are always good and really effective. Circular motions are good also on the molars, but not for the front teeth.


Using dental floss


Using dental floss after brushing is a really good sign of a good dental care routine. You can find good prices for dental floss in most pharmacies in Los Algodones. Just keep in mind to look for the ADA seal of approval to know if you are buying a good product for your teeth. Use dental floss and you get a healthy smile in no time.


Using dental floss is really easy, just remember to use tiny bits. Most people waste dental floss because the use meters for each session, when you only need to use centimeters. For our American readers that would be feet and inches respectively. After brushing and flossing, do not forget to rinse using mouthwash and you are all set for a healthy smile.


Do not forget to visit your dentist


To keep smiling and showing beautiful teeth to the world in 2018, you have to visit your dentist more often. The secret to a healthy smile all year round is to go to your dentists for regular checkups. This can help you detect and avoid many diseases before it is too late. On the same side, a cleaning two times a year can leave your teeth sparkly white and you won’t need a whitening to do the trick for you.


If you are interested in crazy cheap prizes for dental cleaning and other dental services you should consider us Dental Solutions in Los Algodones. At just 7 miles south west from Yuma, Arizona and crossing the US-Mexican border you can find the most affordable dental care. We possess a comple te taff fluent in English and the most modern facilities up to US Standards.


Do not waste any more time in 2018 and start the year with a healthy smile following the tips above and scheduling and appointment with us now!





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