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Top things you can’t forget to do to have perfect teeth

Top things you can’t forget to do to have perfect teeth
July 9th, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Happy weekend guys, hope you are doing okay. We talk a lot in this blog about what to do for that perfect smile you always dreamed of. The thing is that you can do a lot of things right but it takes just a few mistake to ruin all your efforts. If you want perfect teeth then you have to remember what not to do too. That way you will cover all grounds and your smile will look like a celebrity perfect smile.


To remember these things I suggest to leave a note in your bathroom or a reminder in your phone. Mark it in your calendar if you must but do not forget these tips if you want perfect teeth. Oral hygiene is really important for your health and your teeth, losing them can result really expensive. Besides, who does not want to have a really white nice smile that blows everyone away?


Forgetting to brush your teeth should be illegal


One thing you cannot definitely forget is to brush your teeth every day. Most patients aim to brush two times a day and this is enough. But if you want perfect teeth you will need much more than that. Strive for brushing 3 times a day after every meal and never ever go to bed without brushing your teeth. Leaving your teeth dirty overnight will speed up the decomposition process of the food debris. This will lead to serious problems like cavities and gingivitis.


After brushing you cannot forget to use dental floss to clean between your teeth. Most of the smiles fail for this little mistake alone. So grab your dental floss and use a couple of inches to get rid of the food stuck between your teeth. After that you should use mouthwash to rinse away and your teeth will look amazing and your breath will smell fresh. You can also add a tongue scrapper to clean your tongue, it will help a lot for improving your breath.


Grinding and biting


This is certainly a little more difficult to avoid, but grinding your teeth will damage them in the long run. Bruxism can ruin your perfect teeth if you do not check it in time. Ask your dentist for a night guard to avoid grinding your teeth together in your sleep. At the same time keep in mind to not bite and chew on hard food so aggressively so you can avoid chipping them. Many teeth can break if you use them recklessly.


Do not skip dentists


Finally, and most importantly I most add, do not skip your dental appointments. Going to the dentist twice a year can literally save your perfect teeth. Getting a checkup and a cleaning can help a lot to keep them in top form. Getting dental treatment can be expensive but I have the solution just for you, come to our clinic in Los Algodones Mexico.


We are one of many dentists in Los Algodones who offer top quality dental treatment at affordable prices. Dental Solutions is located 10 mile away from Yuma, Arizona close to border. Send us a message or call us to start booking your appointment and let us help you achieve those perfect teeth you always wanted.

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