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Top things to know about the All on 4 treatment

April 22nd, 2018 | Blog | No comments

Dental implants are booming right now. In the last couple of years, many patients opt to replace their denture with a set of implants. This has proven to be the best option for teeth replacement, especially for elder citizen. All on 4 has gotten really popular in Los Algodones due to its fantastic cost and efficiency. This helps patients all over the world to smile again and save their hard earned money in the process.


But, why the all on 4 is so popular? Well lets discuss today some of the strengths of this fabulous treatment and see why so many people prefer them. Keep in mind that the all on 4 procedure is not the only option available for teeth loss. There are plenty of options for any kind of patient and budget. If you wish to learn more about them keep in tune so you can read more about other procedure for replacing your denture.

Efficiency at its best


One of the top advantages of getting all on 4 is that for its affordable price, at least in Los Algodones, you get a full set of new teeth. It is really sturdy and durable, meaning that the patient will have teeth again for the rest of his or her life.  For those who do not know, this treatment consists in 4 implants per arch. These set of implants are specially designed to support a full denture. This makes the all on 4 a simple, yet effective way to bring the smile back.


Another great point of the all on 4 is that the implants are made from titanium. In our clinic’s case we use Nobel Biocare implants which is the brand that created the treatment. Being the creators of this awesome procedure, they provide us with the tools and pieces necessary to make a dream happen for our patients. We like to bring quality to our patients, and give them the best chance to be happy with their smile.

Things to consider about the all on 4


The all on 4 is simple treatment in most cases. The only thing that can slow down the process is if the patient does not have enough bone. Having enough structure in their jawbone is important to be able to support the implants. Otherwise the implants will be doomed to fail and the patient will lose their investment. Luckily there is a solution to this. The first step is to do a CT Scan to see what is the bone’s condition.


In the scenario that the patient does not have enough bone, then a bone graft will be necessary.  This is a cool procedure where the patient will be implanted bone tissue necessary to begin the treatment. The downside of this is that it sets back the completion of the implants a few months. It is important that it heals perfectly so the implants can be accepted by the new jawbone.


Speaking of waiting, after the implants are set the patient has to wait at least 6 months for the implants to heal. This is really important because the implants cannot support any kind of weight or force during this healing period. You do not have to worry about your looks as the dentist will provide a temporary denture in the meantime.


To set an appointment for the best implantologists in Los Algodones, contact us at Dental Solutions and begin the beautiful journey of getting a new smile with the all on 4!


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