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Top tips to keep a fresh breath all the time

Top tips to keep a fresh breath all the time
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Happy weekend everyone I hope you are doing fine. Today I want to address to some tips and tricks to keep your breath fresh and avoid bad breath hopefully forever. Bad breath is a common problem to all of us but yet is so simple to beat it. We just need a little commitment and pay attention to little mistakes we make.  After reading this article your breath will be fresher than the prince of bel air.


And ending with that old TV reference let’s jump right into business. Having a fresh breath is important to our dental hygiene. It is a sign of healthiness and caring. It can help us be more sociable and feel more confident. Nobody wants to be near to someone who’s breath smell like a dumpster. It can seriously ruin your chances to land a job interview or succeeding with your love life. For those in a little trouble with their breath here is some tips.


Watch what you eat


Many patients do not realize that their breath is a reflection of their diet. And sadly, everything that we eat has a direct consequence in our breath. It is so unfortunate that everything so delicious like junk food is so bad for our breath’s smell. Overall, everything with onions, cheese and garlic has negative effects. The wisest thing to do is to avoid those meals before doing something important like a date or a job interview.


Aside from this, sugar present in candies and drinks are bad for your breath. If you want a fresh breath, avoid consuming too much coffee and sodas. The same thing can be applied to vices like smoking and alcohol. Those two alone destroy your breath and besides stain your teeth pretty badly. No jokes, I know it can be hard to quit but seriously it can lead to teeth loss. Keep your head up and reconsider abusing this meals and vices.


A useful trick I learned over the years is to keep sugarless gum at all time. As I said, sugar can be pretty bad for your teeth and breath. Sugarless gum on the other hand can keep your breath fresh and your teeth safe. Just keep in mind that do not overuse it or you will also lose your precious smile. Other food good for your teeth are fruits and vegetables, especially apples, carrots and pears.


Keeping your top game with your dental hygiene


Of course keeping a good dental hygiene is great for you to have a fresh breath. It is really important that you stick with the basics like flossing, brushing and rinsing. I know I repeat myself a lot with this but it is really important that you know that brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day is golden. After this, use a little floss to get rid of food debris and mouthwash to rinse away the rest. Brushing after every meal can reduce your bad breath 100% of the time.


And finally visit your dentist twice a year also for regular cleaning. This really makes a difference on how your smile looks. If you wish to save money on dental come to Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico. You will save more than 50% of what you would have spent in the US. We have a friendly staff capable and fluid in English just for you and your family. So you can stay safe and have a fresh breath always.


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