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Useful techniques to brush your teeth more often

Useful techniques to brush your teeth more often
September 3rd, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hello, the week is finally ending and I hope you are doing just fine. In today’s article I want to dedicate a couple of words regarding brushing your teeth. It is really important to brush your teeth because they serve as a tool for your body to eat. Without them it would be very difficult to consume the nutrient necessary to fuel our body to function properly. But teeth serve another purpose, an aesthetic one. They show healthiness and are like a presentation card for the people we interact with.


I always believed that teeth also play a role in our confidence and self esteem. At least that was I was taught by my parents. Who doesn’t feel fine when smiling at the mirror and seeing a denture so shiny and white, you feel like a movie star or any celebrity. The key to having perfect white teeth is to brush every day.


I had a phase were I was too busy to brush my teeth but one day everything changed. I visited my dentist in Los Algodones, Dental Solutions, I it changed my habits concerning everyday brushing. My teeth were starting to decolorize and that was due to my behavior, I was neglecting my proper dental hygiene. With a few words and tips I managed to turn it around and I now can smile confident and proudly.


The right mindset


As I said, it was pretty difficult for me to brush every day. I was too lazy or too busy. Someti

mes I was just too depressed to do so. That is why I want to let you know, because I know there are people out there that feels the same. Don’t worry, I will try my best to lift you up and help you to get right on track.


The first thing my dentist told me was that I need the right mindset. I ha

d to understand that brushing is an important part of my life if I wanted to take care of my teeth. So if you want to preserve your teeth for all your life, think about it. The thought alone of spending thousands of dollars for replacing my natural denture scared me a lot. Although if you consider Los Algodones for such purposes is not really that bad. Even so if you take care of your teeth you won’t need to spend on implants and such.

The bare minimum


The minimum amount of times you should brush a day is two. You can start applying this in the morning and before going to bed. Keep in mind that this estimated is not perfect, because we eat many meals a day and drink a lot of stuff. If you have a regular diet, eating 3 meals a day, you have to brush at least 3 time a day. Brushing after every meal is necessary, especially if you eat snacks and candies like chocolate.


Food always get stuck between your teeth and if that food debris stay long enough in your mouth it will start to decompose, This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, this bring plaque and that will ruin your teeth.


Alarms and games


You can make brushing a fun activity  or a chore, it is your choice. I started by putting an alarm 3 times a day to remind myself that I got to brush my teeth. You can change the tune of the alarm so it does not get so boring, but when you finish you will feel a lot better. Kinda like you completed your duty, it is really satisfying.


You can also sing when brushing to make it more bearable. Another tip is to brush with someone close to you. It can be your significant other or a family member. That way you won’t feel that alone and company always makes thing better. Last but not least complement your dental hygiene with dental floss and mouth wash. Brushing your teeth alone is not enough to carry a fitted oral care routine. Follow these steps and you will get the smile you always wanted in no time. Good luck!

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