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What are the best foods for a healthy smile?

What are the best foods for a healthy smile?
January 14th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Hi guys, have you ever wondered what are the best foods for our teeth? Today we are going to find out together! What we eat is really important for our health, and that includes our teeth. A healthy smile depends on eating habits just as much as dental hygiene. So be ready to eat a lot of greens and tone down on sugar!

For that perfect white smile we need to produce saliva. Saliva acts as a natural cleanser for our teeth and protects them from bacteria. It helps to maintain the tooth enamel. For that we need lots of water, and we can find lots of that in fruits. Apples, pears and watermelon are amazing at the job. Other tropical fruits like passion fruit and mango are really good too. A nice fruit salad in your diet will achieve amazing results.


Vegetables enter on the equation too. Carrots, for example gives you a lot of nutrient that helps our teeth to remain healthy and sturdy. Any kind of vegetable brings something to the table, onions, garlic, lettuce. So eat more greens to get more white in your teeth.


Other good food for a healthy smile

Speaking of white you should drink at least one glass of milk daily. The main reason for this is calcium. It helps to get your bones healthier and stringer, so your teeth will thank you for that. Protein in meat can help you to get a better smile but remember that you need every group of food to receive every nutrient necessary for a healthy life.


Do not forget to practice a good dental hygiene routine and visit your dentist two times a year. For amazing prices in dental come visit us at Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico. You can save more than 50% in dental treatment compared to the US and Canada.

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