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What makes fixed dentures the better choice for tooth loss?

What makes fixed dentures the better choice for tooth loss?
April 12th, 2016 | Blog | No comments

Dental implants are the best solution out there for tooth loss. Be it from periodontal disease, trauma, or decalcification, a lost tooth can be easily replaced, restoring your wonderful smile and considerably improving your overall health. Here in Los Algodones we have seen people from all walks of life turn their life around with a good teeth restoration

Interestingly, tooth loss is a lot more common than people think, recent studies by the American Dental Association have shown that over 40 million people in the United States are missing one or more teeth, sadly, the study has also revealed that a high percentage of that population doesn’t get treated, putting their health at risk.

Fortunately dental science has developed several methods to deal with the issue; dentures for example are still quite common and are usually sold as an affordable procedure to deal with tooth loss. But cheap doesn’t always means better, removable dentures tend to fall off and many people experience discomfort when chewing certain foods.

New technologies have given rise to alternative methods, like Snap on Dentures, in this case, the denture is removable, but it’s connected to an implant that has been affixed to the jaw bone. Think of it like a Lego brick, you click the denture into place and can remove it for cleaning. Unlike older methods, the implant gives the removable denture stability and it prevents bone density loss (a quite common side effect of traditional removable dentures).

On the other hand, you also have fixed dentures such as the All-on-4, with this method; the denture is permanently fixed to the implant, providing a very strong support that can take the same pressure as real teeth. By using titanium for the underlying structure and porcelain for the crown, the end result Is a natural looking teeth which feel like the real deal.

Out of the two, which one is the better choice? You can’t go wrong with either, both provide excellent support, both avoid the same side effects of old technologies, and you will end up with a functional and beautiful denture with either. The best piece of advice one could give you is to get an appointment with a dentist, a good assessment will reveal which option is best for your particular needs. Just keep in mind that given the choice, a fixed solution (such as an implant) will always be the best investment both for your pocket and for your wellbeing, and that an implant will usually provide better support than mini implants.

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