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White Fillings: natural looking teeth for a beautiful smile

White Fillings: natural looking teeth for a beautiful smile
January 19th, 2016 | Blog | 2 Comments

White Fillings is a broad term that encompasses any procedure that involves repairing a tooth using material that is similar in color to dentures. In the past, amalgam (metallic fillings) was used to repair teeth, but unfortunately, even if it was relatively cheap and very durable, it came with risks, such as electrical shocks, or the possibility of getting poisoned (usually due to the mercury in the amalgam).

Fortunately, technological advances have led to the prevalence of alternatives, being white fillings with composite one of the safest and sturdiest options. A composite is a mixture of quartz and resin designed to harden when exposed to a special light, it was created with durability and aesthetics in mind, the end result it´s almost indistinguishable from real dentures. Of course, keep in mind that not every composite is made from the same materials, some contain fluoride, while others are cheap and will stain, chip or decay rapidly; and that is precisely the reason why, here in Los Algondones, we only work with the best composites out there in the market, a filling is meant to last and that not only demands a great work from our experts, but also the best materials that´ll last for a lifetime.

At first, you might ask yourself, can a white filling be as strong as an amalgam?, well, not originally, at first white filling were used just for frontal teeth, but the latest composite are so strong and sturdy that you can use them to fill a molar and it can easily withstand the pressure of a bite.

White Filling is extremely simple, and it can be easily done in a single session, first the area is cleansed, afterwards, the tooth is treated with a light resin meant to act a cohesive agent for the filling, which is placed right afterwards, once that´s done the dentist showers the filling with a bright light to harden it and seal the area. It´s so quick and simple that you can eat and drink the moment you leave the dentist´s office.

Keep in mind that sensitivity to extreme temperatures is expected for the first couple of weeks, although if it persists, consult your dentist immediately, since it could be a signal that the filling needs an adjustment, or that the tooth needs further treatment.

Rest assured that  here in Los Algodones we use the best materials available and we take great precautions to ensure that your fillings will last a lifetime.

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