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Are whitening products are safe to use?

Are whitening products are safe to use?
June 4th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Whitening products. They can be a life saviour for people who desesperatedly want to fix their stained smile. And it sounds too simple, right? Just put something on your teeth, wait a little and that is it. But,

are they really safe to use? Do they really work? And if so, which one should we get or use to get that shining white smile we want? Today I am goind to try to help you find all the answer you are looking for regarding whitening products.


For peoplo who may wonder what exactly is a teeth whitening product you could say that it is a substance that can com in many forms of presentation used to make your teeth whiter. Most of them use chemicals that are prepared especifically to ‘paint’ the teeth sorta speak. I have seen so many whitening products in the past and senn many patients that have used it so I’m going to share some of my experience with you.

Are whitening products safe to use?


Short answer, yes, teeth whitening products are safe to use. Long answer though, not all of them are safe to use. You see, the thing is that not al products are really well designed and barely passes the quality tests required to be on the market, so you should be really careful with the products you buy in the first place.


And as I said before, there are a long list of prsentation for whitening products. There are in the form of your traditional toothpaste, they come in kits that can use in a Do It Yourself kind of things, and others. What you should really focus on is that they come with the ADA Seal of Approval. This is really important because it meas that those products are one of the best in the market and safe for human consumption.


Another thing with teeth whitening products is that the chemichals that they use result really abrassive for our tooth enamel. The enamel is a coat of the tooth wich protects it from bacteria and if it wears down you will suffer from tooth sensitivity. Each sip of water or soup, hot or cold, will feel like hell and teeth whitening products kind speed up your tooth’s enamel wear down.

Some pointers

So let me give you an advice and think twice before choosing a teeth whitening product. You can improve your smile’s look just by improving your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth religiously twice a day and complement it with dental floss and mouthwash and you will be the king or queen of smiles.


But if your teeth need help then using the aid of some whitening product is ok. Just remember to follow every step in the manual and never bypass any instruction. One error people do is to leave the product on much longer than needed, damaging their twwth permanently.


Where can I find these whitening products easily?


In most pharmacies you can find several over the counter whitening products that are easy to use. The bad side of this is that most of the good ones can get somewhat expensive and not everybody can afford it. That is why I can suggest going to Los Algodones for saving a lot of money in dental products.

Los Algodones not only offers low costs in high quality dental treatment, you will find also excellent prices in products too. Pharmacies in Los Algodones got very nice deals in teeth whitening products, so I strongly recommend that if your are in town, pass by and compare prices. I can asure you taht you will be pleasantly surprised.


And if you are wondering what other choices you have for teeth whitening come to Dental Solutions Los Algodones. We have the best prices in teeth whitening, with the lastest technology, following US standards and most importantly, it is safer to use than products.

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