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Are whitening products safe to use?

Are whitening products safe to use?
April 29th, 2017 | Blog | No comments

Hi guys! Today I want to discuss a simple thing that we get asked a lot by most of the patience that wants to have a beautiful white smile. One of the solutions that most people try out to achieve this is to use whitening products. Some of them are really easy to use, others on the other hand requires a little more work and process to get that perfect smile we all want.


As you may know, whitening products offer virtually a quick fix to white our teeth and that is why some people may have concerns about its safety. It is pretty normal to worry about the products that we use because we don’t want to harm ourselves in the process, even less spend hard earned money in something like that.

We see many commercials and publicity claiming the excellence of these kinds of products, but, how safe are they in reality? We are going to teach you some tips to make sure you are picking the right teeth whitening product for you and not fall for a scam.


How to pick the right teeth whitening product?


The first sign for a safe to use whitening product is to look for the ADA Seals of Approval. ADA stands for American Dental Association and their seal of approval means that the product is up with the US Standard of consumptions so it means that you are in front of a legit and safe product. We strongly recommend you products with this seal.


Another tip is to always incline to buy only recognizable brands like Colgate. Most of these kinds of brand always launch products with a good process of quality insurance. You can think of it like some kind of safe bet or like they say where I come from, shooting a fish in a barrel.


Be really careful when using whitening products kits because they can tend to wear down the enamel of the tooth. This means that in the long run you can suffer from sensitive teeth because whitening products use a lot of chemicals that when abusing them they can be really harmful for your teeth. Always follow the instruction and consult with your dentist when in doubt.

If you want to find good prices in good products we recommend also looking into Los Algodones pharmacies. You will find excellent deals in a lot of dental products and prescription meds, but take in mind that you will need a prescription to bring back the meds to your home.


And what about DIY whitening products? Are they safe too?


This is a really good question because in this era we can find a lot of videos and articles containing tutorials to fabricate whitening products at home. Many people claim that wasting money on over the counter products and dentists to white your teeth is obsolete and unnecessary.


And what I can say about it is that most of these tutorials are either a hoax or just click bait. It is pretty difficult that someone can fabricate a safe whitening product at home without any medical or chemical knowledge. Stay far from these because you can ruin your teeth for believing in that kind of stuff. If you want to successfully improve your smile ask your dentist, and practice a good dental hygiene routine.


Besides, it takes less time to white your teeth at a dentist. Laser whitening is really quick and affordable nowdays and it is an excellence choice to take.  And if you which the best price for teeth whitening in Los Algodones you can come to Dental Solutions.

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