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Why choose dental implants for teeth loss

Why  choose dental implants for teeth loss
December 1st, 2020 | Blog | No comments

One of the worst feelings a patient may have is to lose their teeth. It is such an awful situation that can blow the self-esteem of anyone away. Luckily it exist many treatments and methods available that can restore your teeth and smile. The right choice can leave it better than ever before, allowing you to smile wide and bright.

Many options

Many patients prefer cheaper options like partials and bridges to replace teeth but they cannot compare to dental implants to do the job. A dental implant show to be a permanent solution to tooth’s replacement giving new life to a patient’s smile. Another strong point in their favor is that the procedure is nice and quick, you won’t spend many hours in a dentist’s chair.


The downside to this is that the patient has to wait 6 months until the implant heals before coming back for the abutment and the crown. In the meantime, a temporary tooth can be put in place. After the healing period the results are amazing and it will worth the wait. So it does not matter if it is a tooth, several teeth or a whole denture, dental impart covers all.


Finding dental implants in Tijuana Mexico


Mexico dentists have a reputation of offering quality dental treatment at cheaper prices compared to the USD. Many patients cross the border in order to find dental care in Mexican sole. Picking the right one for them is a must and it can be daunting and even scary.   But worry no more, as Dental Solutions  comes into the picture.


We are a dental clinic with more than 10 years of experience in the market. We offer the same affordable, top quality dental services we have provided over the year. Come on in and ask about our prices in dental implants!



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