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Why it is important to clean your retainers

Why it is important to clean your retainers
March 20th, 2021 | Dental Blog | Comments Off on Why it is important to clean your retainers

Hi guys I hope you are very well. Today I want to teach you about dental hygiene with retainers. For many patients it can be a nuisance to clean their teeth with them. But you should know that it is very important for the health of your teeth. So if you have braces or any type of orthodontic treatment, I invite you to continue reading.

To begin with, retainers are a part of orthodontic treatment to finish correcting the patient’s bite. With this device we can finish straightening the teeth and show off a beautiful smile. You should keep in mind that it should be used most of the time because teeth tend to become crooked again. After a few months of treatment this will be corrected and goodbye orthodontics!

Why clean your retainers

The main reason is simply dental hygiene. It is important that these are clean to avoid diseases in the mouth. That said, it also helps keep appliances in good shape. Nothing worse than breaking due to poor care and having to pay for new ones.

As you can imagine this can be very expensive and we don’t want that. Besides, waiting for new retainers will only delay the treatment to straighten our smile. So for hygiene and budget reasons, it is best to clean them correctly to fulfill the treatment optimally.

You cannot imagine the amount of bacteria and germs that we accumulate in our mouth. Throughout the day, especially if we eat with braces on, our braces can look like a mess. In addition to the saliva and the liquids that we drink, metals can oxidize over time. Maintaining our orthodontics never hurts.

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Dental hygiene with orthodontics

We talked before about the importance of maintaining good dental hygiene with your retainers. The truth is that all these tips can be applied in your daily routine with any kind of orthodontics. The first thing we are going to do is brush our teeth. This is important because if you have dirty teeth, your retainers will get dirty too.

You should know that you must remove them in order to clean your teeth. Once this is done, use a soft bristle brush to clean your teeth normally. Remember to be gentle and delicate, we do not want to remove the enamel from your teeth or your gums. Then floss between your teeth and finish with mouthwash. If you have braces, use an interdental brush to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

With regard to your appliances, while you brush you can leave them soaking in mouthwash, alcohol or some special solution. It is important that after removing them you rinse them with plenty of water. You can use your brush or another to clean it thoroughly as well, make it very clean. When you finish, you must remember to dry them very well before putting it in your mouth again or keeping it in its case.

Tips to take care of your retainers

Ok we already know how to clean them. It is easier than it sounds but there is still more. Dental hygiene is one thing, but there are habits that will help you take care of your orthodontics. The first advice I can give you is nutritional. Avoid biting on hard things, this can help break them. Many patients like to chew ice, and this is unacceptable.

If you practice any type of sport, try to remove them. The same goes for any physical activity. Only one accident is enough for them to get lost or worse, to break and hurt you. Put your retainers in a safe place before doing your favorite sport. For this I recommend buying a special case to store them. This same case will help you so that they are not lost and are in a safe place.

Before placing them in their case, try to dry them well. Assuming you wash them before storing them at night, they should be very dry. Keep them from being damp when storing them as this creates the ideal environment for germs and bacteria. Remember, be as hygienic as possible when it comes to your oral hygiene.

As a last tip and not least, watch the use that your children give it. If you have children who use retainers teach them everything I wrote here. Educating them in a conscious way will help your dental health a lot. This is all for today, I hope it has been useful to you, we will see you next week with a new article .

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