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Why you should use antiseptic mouthwash

Why you should use antiseptic mouthwash
May 1st, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Mouthwash is an important part of our dental hygiene. Three things you should do every day are brushing your teeth, using dental floss and rinse with mouthwash. I believe many of our patients, especially those who read our blog, follow these step to have a beautiful healthy smile. But today we are focus on mouth wash alone and tell you why you should use antiseptic mouth wash.


There are many brands and flavors on the market. But antiseptic is the best for your dental hygiene. The reason why you should incorporate it into your dental hygiene routine is because it kills all the bacteria in the mouth. This is a huge advantage as it help you to avoid dental disease such as  gingivitis, for example.


When you pick a new mouthwash look for the ADA seal of approval for maximum assurance of a dental product. If there are any flavors of antiseptic mouthwash, pick whatever you want. You should enjoy cleaning your teeth and not hate it. That way you will always perform a good dental care routine.


How to use mouthwash properly


Now, here is where many patients fail. Many drink from the bottle, swallow up. Others waste gallons of mouth wash each rinsing. But the truth is that you only need a shot of mouthwash. You can dilute it in a little water if you want, but remember to use a couple of inches of a cup. Something like 2 or 3 teaspoons of mouth wash.


When you rinse, dance and shake the liquid in your mouth covering every corner of your mouth. Keep in mind that 10 seconds is more than enough to clean and you can spit out the mouth wash. Also remember to follow your dentist’s instructions for a better dental hygiene routine. Other than that keep reading the blog of the bests dentists in Los Algodones Dental Solutions for more tips on dental care.



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