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Wisdom tooth problems

Wisdom tooth problems
June 24th, 2015 | Blog, procedures | 2 Comments

Wisdom tooth problems


The wisdom teeth are one of the principal more habitual reasons of consultation to the dentist. The majority of patients, whose present problems with his millstones pains, are in cycles. During the period that stops the pain, they think that the problem is not as serious as it might seem. These episodes can extend for years, provoking damaging effects in our mouth cavity and inconveniences in other parts of our face, as the head or the ear. The wisdom teeth that cause pain must be extracted in a prophylactic way to save future dentals problems to the patient.


What problems cause the wisdom teeth?


wte_3 Normally, the wisdom teeth that are blocked or seal off during his eruption do not develop adequately and cause pain. The phenomenon is defined as a millstone impressed, that is to say, that one that does not appear correctly of the bone or the line of the gum. When it happens, it is usually for the lack of space for his housing, it can be able to remain blocked in different positions. About 90 % of the population has, today, at least a molar of this type.

The impacted wisdom tooth, which it must be extracted as soon as possible, can generate different problems in the mouth of the patient.


  1. Infection or disease of the gums. The molar, on having exercised pressure and having been in an inadequate position, produces a progressive inflammation around of all the gums. Once it has been extracted, the situation improves gradually.
  2. Infection in the bone. If the infection in the gums is not treated and continuous in the time, it can affect the adjacent bone to the millstone. This infection can propagate up to the cheek or the neck.
  3. Infection and caries in the nearby teeth. The zone in which they find the wisdom teeth is difficult to clean during the dental daily hygiene. Then, the area attracts bacteria due to the food that can remain affected the nearby teeth.
  4. “Cysts follicular” and frequent pains (pains of head, of ear, facial general pain, etc.)

To avert the problems that provoke the wisdom teeth, it is necessary to visit your wisdom-teethdentist, who will evaluate the situation and then, he will be able to extract the third molar. However, not only you must come to clinic when you experience pains and inconveniences difficult to support. Though the wisdom teeth are developing of correct form, a professional supervision, in your born and in the evolution of the teeth, it is essential. The control of his eruption and the cleanliness that is exercised on them they must be analyzed and supervised.


In Dental Solutions Los Algodones we establish, if it is necessary, a plan of extraction together with a hygienic guide to avoid severe problems derived from the wisdom teeth. To treat the situation from his root will help you to avoid future infections in the mouth cavity.

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