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Should I worry about grinding my teeth too much?

Should I worry about grinding my teeth too much?
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Howdy! There are many worries about our teeth and health. One of them is their looks and color. We often do things that are really bad for our teeth and we don’t realize soon enough to correct them. Sometimes we just get a little too confidence about it and say that it doesn’t matter right now.


But that is not a healthy atittude to have about our dental care. A simple mistake done many times in a row can ruin our teeth for life. So if you want to exhibit a perfect smile all your life, you have to be more concern about some things you may be doing wrong.


One of those things that you may been doing wrong is no brushing your teeth twice a day. Especially after eating, beacuase letting let’s say coffee or juice on your teeth can leave permanent stains that are really difficult to remove later on. On the same note, smoking is really bad for your teeth: If you smoke regularly I suggest to quit it right now, because it can lead to very serious illness and bad teeth.


The same goes to moutwash, people doesn’t use moutwash enough. A good rinse with moutwash will leave your smile clean and your breath minty and fresh. But there is a chance that you alrea


dy know these things so lets jump into one question I get a lot. Is teeth grinding bad for them?


Am I grinding my teeth too much? Is it bad?


Grinding your teeth can be also known as bruxism. The reasons for this can be a lot of variables and factors but the results are the same. It is a behaviour that the patient develops through the years and it is a pretty bad habit to have. Basically they grind or bite their teeth together really hard and even if it sonds harmless at first it can leave some really bad consequences in the long run.


In some cases patient grind their teeth due to anxiety. Maybe they are going through a difficult chapter in their lives that develops that habit. Another cause is stress, many students in college or jobs that add too much pressure are the most common reasons that patients suffer from bruxism. We even know about patients that simple grind teir teeth while they sleep, only to found out much later on the reasons why their smile looks awful.


As you can see, the reasons to grind your teeth together are very different. But the most important thing to take in mind is that you can control it and cured it.


How do I stop grinding my teeth


The first thing that you should do is to go to a dentist. Here at Dental Solution Los Algodones are really good at treating bruxism in our patients. We like to give advice to our patients to know how to take proper care of their teeth. And in most cases a mouth guard can solve the problem in a matter of a coupple of weeks.


Another advice is to control stress and anxiety. We suggest a therapist but there are other things you can do for yourself at home. Exercising regularly and eating well can help a lot to reduce stress and anxiety, and can give you a great body too!


Meditation can be an excellent form of relaxation so you should consider taking some yoga classes. There are many other things you can do to reduce your bruxims such as chewing gum more often. We rocommend that you opt for sugar free gum to avoid attracting bacteria and building up plaque.


Well, I hope these tips answer your question and help you to solve your bruxism or to avoid it. Until next week, stay healthy!

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