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Having misaligned teeth or bite problems is one of the most common pathologies in dentistry, and although you may think that this only affects the aesthetics of the smile, this can negatively affect your oral health. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that works to correct improper occlusion, aligning the teeth, or solving problems that may be causing a bad bite. At our dental clinic in Los Algodones, our first-class orthodontists will be able to evaluate your case and offer you the best treatment so that you can have a healthy and beautiful smile.

What are braces and how do they work?

Braces are a very efficient dental treatment to correct teeth alignment. 

However, orthodontic covers a large number of treatments, including jaw and occlusion problems, so, in addition to serving to improve the appearance of the smile, braces will allow you to have a healthier mouth and avoid long-term consequences.

Among the main issues addressed by orthodontics are: Misaligned, gapped or very clustered teeth, bite problems, incorrect growth of the jaw bone. These problems can cause insecurity when smiling, pain, or discomfort in the patient, and if it is a very serious case, it can make it difficult to eat food due to the bad bite.

If the improper occlusion is not corrected, it can cause oral health problems such as:

  • Proper tooth cleaning becomes more difficult, which can lead to cavities, plaque and tartar buildup, bad breath, and more. diseases
  • Tooth loss
  • Wear of tooth enamel
  • Speech problems
  • Pain in the jaw joint

There are different types of treatments that your dentist may suggest, but the most common are traditional braces. In this treatment, small pieces of metal called brackets are placed on the teeth, attached with a metal bow. Through the tension of the bow, the teeth are brought into their ideal position to achieve a perfect occlusion, both aesthetically and functionally.


In case of bite problems, the brackets will serve as support for special bands that will bring the bite to its correct position throughout the orthodontic treatment. In this way, the patient will be able to wear a functional and baptismal smile.

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How long does the treatment last?

The duration of treatment depends directly on the case of each patient; in general, it can last between 1 to 3 years. It may be longer if the case is particularly serious. During your first visit to Dental Solutions Los Algodones, our orthodontist will examine your case to give you more information about the type of treatment that is best for you and the duration.

Orthodontic treatments are very popular in children and teenagers since correcting bite and occlusion problems during the first years of permanent teeth can be easier and prevents the complications mentioned before. However, functional and cosmetic orthodontics can be done in adults with excellent results.

Types of brackets

Currently, there are different types of braces; they all serve the same function but offer some different features and benefits. These are the most common types of braces:

Traditional braces: Metallic braces are the most common and offer many benefits such as durability and strength. They are ideal for jaw treatments, as they resist pressure and tension well. The disadvantage of traditional braces is that they are not the best aesthetically, but for children and teenagers it can be an excellent option since kids have a lot of fun choosing the color of their elastics.

Sapphire braces: They are just as resistant as metal braces, but they offer the great advantage that they are practically invisible. If you want your braces to be seen as little as possible, these will be a good option. But, the downside to these aligners is that they are more expensive than any other option and are not always available at dental clinics.

Ceramic braces: This material is durable and resistant, and by choosing them you will also have transparent aligners. Unlike the sapphire ones, these are cheaper and offer very good aesthetic results.

Resin or plastic braces: These types of aligners are the least recommended since they are not very resistant and tend to break or fall easily. Although they look good on a cosmetic level, over time they tend to turn yellowish. For these reasons, dentists generally do not recommend this type of braces, unless it is a very short treatment.

Lingual braces: Unlike all the previous ones, these brackets are placed on the back (lingual) part of the teeth, allowing them to be completely unnoticeable. These are ideal for adults, as they require some extra care.

Damon braces: The damon system or damon braces is a low-friction orthodontic treatment that allows teeth to be aligned in less time and with less pain. The main characteristic of these braces is that they are self-ligating, which means that no rubber bands are needed to attach the arch to the brackets.

How to choose and which one is the best?

After the first review with one of our specialists in Los Algodones, you will have a general idea of what the treatment will be, and taking into account your preferences, your dentist will recommend the type of aligners that best suits you.
In general, metal braces are the best option, since they offer the greatest resistance and are the cheapest. These braces are also easier to clean, they accumulate fewer bacteria around them, and they do not come off easily. However, if your main requirement is that the braces are not visible, lingual braces will be able to satisfy your demands.

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How are brackets placed?

In the first appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays to know in-depth the damage and be able to suggest the appropriate treatment. Also, you will take some photos to compare the before and after at the end of the treatment.

Then each bracket will be placed on the tooth with special cement and sealed with UV light. When all the pieces are attached, the metal bow is placed and secured with elastics (rubber bands). In the case of metallic braces, you can choose the color of your elastics.

Depending on the doctor’s suggestions and the patient’s preferences, the braces can be placed first on the upper teeth, and a few days later on the lower teeth or all the same day.

You will need to visit the dental clinic once a month for a checkup; In the checkup, the dentist will change the arch, adjust the pressure and place new garters.

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Benefits of getting braces

These are some of the most notable benefits of traditional braces:

  • Braces can completely correct occlusion and bite problems for an affordable price.
  • Excellent results can be achieved in a short time. Thanks to the tension applied to the teeth through the arch, favorable results can be seen quickly. As it is a permanent treatment, the dentist will be able to calculate the time it will take to achieve the desired results.
  • Aligning the teeth reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease as it will be easier to achieve correct cleaning when brushing.
  • Correcting the bite reduces wear on the teeth and eliminates any pain in the jaw joint.

Braces Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is completely possible with the help of an expert orthodontist. At Dental Solutions Los Algodones, we have the best professionals and all the necessary equipment to offer you high-quality dental care. Our team of dentists awaits you to provide you with the best treatments at an unbeatable price.

At Los Algodones Dental Solutions we will guide you throughout the smile alignment process, offering you the best materials and personalized attention so that you achieve the desired results in the shortest time possible. Contact us to schedule your appointment, clarify your doubts about the cost and the procedure, and know everything you need about traveling to Baja California Mexico for dental care. We will be happy to receive you and give you the best experience.

How to take care of your braces during the treatment?

  • Brush your teeth after every meal to remove food and prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Using a special orthodontic toothbrush will help keep your braces cleaner.
  • Avoid very hard foods, popcorn, or gum, as they can cause a bracket to detach.
  • Avoid foods with large amounts of sugar that can generate plaque around braces and stain teeth.
  • For the first 2 to 3 days after braces are placed, patients may experience pain in their teeth. Relieve the pain with some over-the-counter medicine and eat bland foods until you get used to the pressure.
  • In case the braces are causing irritation or wounds in the mouth’s soft tissue, you can use a special wax that you find in any pharmacy.


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