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Useful tips for adapting faster to dentures

It doesn’t matter if you are having your first dentures or a new one it is quite difficult to adapt to them at first. Most patients report that at first they have a little trouble speaking or eating because the feeling their denture provide is a somewhat weird comparing to...

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What you need to know about gingivitis

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about gingivitis. This disease consists in an inflammation of the gums and in most cases it is the result from bacterial infection. If you don’t take care about it you can develop a more serious infection that can lead to periodontitis. Dentists assure...

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Know your flexible dentures, the restorative superstar!

Flexible dentures are one of the most advanced restorative alternatives in the dentistry industry regarding prosthodontics. It can solve many oral health problems for patients that unfortunately are missing a tooth or several teeth. Many people believe that getting denture can be a little bit expensive but if you go...

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Get the most out of your dental floss

The use of dental floss is a plays an important part in the vital task of cleaning your teeth and gums. I can’t stress enough how important it is to clean between your teeth to preserve an overall nice oral health. And many people think that with just brushing their...

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How does the wisdom teeth removal works?

Wisdom teeth or also known as third molar usually grows at the back of the mouth and are the last teeth to appear in our life. The most common thing is to have four of them located in each corner inside our mouth. Wisdom teeth can cause discomfort when growing...

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Know how to choose the perfect toothbrush for you

Oh toothbrushes! Many people underestimate them and ignore how important they are in the big scheme of things when we talk about oral health. I can’t stress enough the difference it makes brushing with a random toothbrush or the best toothbrush for you. But one thing I can say is...

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