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Know the best assets about toothpastes

  Hello and goof morning or good night depending on what hour you are reading this. I want to start today’s article saying that dental hygiene is the most important part of oral health. In order to keep your smile nice and healthy you have to follow the basic rules...

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Bonegraft: the saviour of dental implant users

Hi again, I hope you are having a great weekend just like me. Today we will talk a bit about dental implants. As they are the most popular option for patients who wants a permanent solution for tooth loss I want to fill you in with some useful information. The...

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Do you Know how your Dental Implants really works

Dental Implants are rising quickly in popularity as the safest choice for replacing teeth. Especially in Los Algodones, because the cost of Dental Implants is significantly lower than the US. A patient can choose to replace a single tooth, get dentures or bridges, making Dental Implants a versatile option.  ...

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Do you teach your kids good dental hygiene?

  Hi again and happy weekend for all of you! I get most of the times question from parents on how they can teach good dental hygiene to their kinds. It seems that they have a little trouble getting their kids to brush their little teeth every day and such....

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