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March 5th, 2021 | Blog | No comments

Como tratar efectivamente la carie dental

Hola de nuevo, espero que lo entén tan bien como yo. Hoy quiero hablar sobre la caries dental. Se trata de un problema muy común que tienen muchos de nuestros pacientes y quiero enseñarles al respecto. Es importante saber cómo funciona una enfermedad para que pueda saber cómo tratarla o...

March 5th, 2021 | Blog | No comments

How to effectively treat tooth decay

Hello again, I hope you are doing great like I am. Today I want to talk about tooth decay. It is a common problem many of our patients have and I want to teach you guys about it. It is important how a disease work so you can know how...

February 24th, 2021 | Blog | No comments

How to remedy a toothache rapidly

We all know that sensation, a toothache so painfully we cannot speak, eat or sleep. It can be so excruciating that our day is ruined and we have to see a dentist immediately. The thing is that sometimes our luck is so bad that we cannot see one right away....

February 16th, 2021 | Blog | No comments

Dental hygiene with you significant other

Hello dear readers, we are writing today on Valentine’s Day to share some tips you can do as a couple. Brushing your teeth with your significant other can be a very pleasant experience. This will be very romantic and interesting because it can bond you as a couple. Another plus...

February 16th, 2021 | Dental Blog | No comments

Dentistry 101: Brief History

Dentistry, also known as dental science, deals with the understanding, diagnosis, cure, prevention, and the treatment of dental diseases, disorders, and other related abnormalities. As of today, there are several hundreds of recognized specialties in dentistry. These sub-categories include pediatric orthodontics, which is the branch of dentistry concerned with children....

January 31st, 2021 | Blog | No comments

Food and diet for your dental health

Welcome back my friends, today we are going to talk about food. You surely have heard the saying that you are what you eat, the same goes for your teeth. Do not misunderstand this article as a fitness guide, our goal here is to improve your teeth health and avoid...

January 18th, 2021 | Blog | No comments

An useful briefing on dental hygiene

Hello dear readers, welcome to the next level of this awesome blog! We are changing some things this year to help you get the most of your dental hygiene. This will be our starting point to teach you de best dental routine tips you can start doing today. Let’s see...

December 27th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Every day tips to have whiter teeth

Hello everybody! Hope you are having a great week and are brushing those teeth two times a day. Speaking of brushing today I want to share some of my personal tips to have whiter teeth. These are tips that you can do every day to gain that beautiful smile you...

December 20th, 2020 | Blog | No comments

Top recommended dental treatments for 2021

  2020 Is ending and a new year is right around the corner. For those patients who are looking to fix their teeth and improve their smile we got this special article for them. We are going to list the best dental treatments for 2021 so you can decide which...

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