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Are gold teeth implants a good option?

Using gold teeth is not something new. Traditionally, this metal was used to replace missing teeth, fill cavities, and used as gold crowns, since it is a biocompatible material that the body and tissue wouldn’t reject. At the time, it

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How to clean tartar from your teeth

Cleaning tartar from the teeth is something that many people overlook. Many patients think that brushing their teeth is enough to get rid of it. this is not that easy because you need so much more to clean dental calculus

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Having bad teeth in your 20s? A guide to dental care

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Tips to avoid stained teeth from drinking coffee

The appearance of our teeth is important, and having a healthy and white smile can improve our confidence and self-esteem. However, almost every food or drink out there has artificial colorants and chemicals that can stain our teeth easily, reason

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The side effects of dentures

Complete and partial dentures are a well-known treatment for tooth loss since they can replace several missing teeth or the entire arch in a procedure that is very simple and that takes a lot less time than other tooth replacement

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CT Scan

What it does: CT Scan dental cone beam Computed tomography (CT) dental cone beam is a special type of X-ray machine used in situations where dental X-rays or standard facial are not sufficient. This technique is not used routinely, because

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