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Dentures are a great solution to restore your smile

Dentures are, in a nutshell, a dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. Depending on the type, dentures are supported only by the bone tissue of the patient, the mucous membranes, or even by surrounding teeth, depending on the position and number of teeth to replace; unlike dental implants that are supported by metallic pieces placed inside the bone.

The advantage of removable prostheses is usually related to cost and installation. Dentures tend to be cheaper than dental implants and don’t require, in most cases, surgical procedures for installation and healing time. To make them the first step is to take an impression of your teeth, to study their position and size. With it, the dentist will create the model prosthesis using the material that will fit your budget and aesthetic needs.

Dentures prevent the displacement of surrounding teeth and maintain the balance of occlusion while offering support for cheeks and lips. Even when it is more simple and cheaper than other kinds of dental prosthesis, dentures require special care and time to adapt, to prevent gum diseases and the loss of natural teeth.

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Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Having all your teeth and enjoying good oral health is not just about aesthetics, but your teeth play a critical role in overall health. It is important to remember that the mouth is part of the digestive system, and chewing food well is essential to obtain all the necessary nutrients from food.

At the same time, the teeth allow us to correctly gesticulate when speaking, which is why they are necessary for communication. Finally, due to the lack of teeth, the jaw bone gradually loses its structure and density, which can generate, in the long term, the deformation of the face. Each of these reasons makes it clear that replacing missing teeth is necessary for good health.

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Fortunately, different dental treatments will allow you to replace lost teeth so you can recover speaking and masticatory functions, as is the case with dentures and dental implants

Types of dentures

In our clinic in Los Algodones Baja California, we are specialists in implant dentistry, our team will guide you throughout the process so you can choose the best type of denture for you. 

These are the most common types, see how they work and their advantages.

Full traditional dentures: they are used in patients who have lost all the teeth of the upper or lower jaw, they are fully made in acrylic and offer a very natural look. They are also known as porcelain dentures since you can choose to have artificial teeth made of this material.

If it is a prosthesis for the upper jaw, it will be held through a vacuum effect between the teeth, the bone, and the palate. For lower jaw prostheses, you should use a special glue that you can buy at your near drugstore.

Removable dentures
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Flexible dentures: these dentures are made of a thermoplastic material, which makes them light and flexible, they can be used to replace a few or all teeth, but are generally recommended as a partial denture, as they fit better if they are supported by natural teeth.
They are much thinner than the acrylic ones, so they take less space within the oral cavity. 

They are made with acrylic teeth, a light metal structure, and a flexible material for the gums. This material is translucent, allowing blending in with the gum and providing a completely natural appearance. They are more comfortable and the adaptation period is lower compared to acrylic dentures.

Full Snap-On dentures: Snap-On Dentures are an accessible alternative to the All-On-4 treatment and are ideal for those who need to replace the whole dentition. While they are removable, Snap-On dentures offer better appearance and function because it is secured by two or more implants surgically inserted to the bone. In fact, the expert hand of Dr. Xochipilli can use your old dentures and secure them to your jaw using this technique.

Metallic dentures: these dentures have a metal structure that gives rigidity to the piece, although the visible parts are made of acrylic, and attached to the existing teeth by hooks. Despite being resilient and lower volume, they can look unsightly if the patient opens his mouth. In Dental Solutions Los Algodones we don’t usually recommend this kind of denture, because we offer other options that are just as accessible but of higher quality and comfort.

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In which cases can you opt for a denture?

  • If you have lost one or more teeth and are looking for a quick solution to restore your smile, this type of dental work may be the best for you.
  • If your dentist doesn’t recommend an implant, a crown, or bridges, a partial denture will restore the aesthetic and functions of the missing teeth.
  • Temporary dentures are a solution in cases of tooth loss due to extractions or another dental procedure.
  • Prosthetics are an affordable treatment, as well as being a good option for patients who, for some reason, don’t want to undergo a more complicated procedure.

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Restore your smile in our clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico

These types of prostheses are easy to maintain and are ideal as a long-term or temporary solution to extensive tooth loss. At our dental clinic in Los Algodones, Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez will guide you to choose the perfect type of denture based on what you need, or what you can afford. In the first consultation, your dentist will examine the conditions of your mouth to offer you the treatment that best solves your problem.

In case that the existing teeth are not in good condition, their restoration will be evaluated through root canals or extractions if the damage is too severe. The idea is to prepare the area for the prosthesis to fit perfectly and avoid long-term complications.

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Your dentist must take impressions of your bite to make your denture using the best materials and state-of-the-art technologies. After placing the prosthesis, it will take a while for you to fully get used to it. Removable dentures tend to move, and that movement can create small wounds in the gums. Our dentists will monitor your evolution, and in case you have any discomfort we will offer you all the help so that you can use your denture comfortably.

Full dentures need professional cleaning and fillings over time, at Dental Solutions, we will be here for you in future consultations to offer you the best dental care and make sure that your prosthesis is in perfect condition.

Get your dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico

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If you are looking for quality and affordable dental care, our dental practice in Los Algodones Mexico will be your best choice. Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez is a first-class professional of the American Dental Association, a specialist in restorative dentistry, who along with her team of dentists will offer you the best care and the best dental work to restore your smile.

Los Algodones is a border town in Baja California Mexico famous for its dental clinics. In Dental Solutions, we are leaders in dental tourism and we will be happy to receive you and make you feel at home during your stay. By visiting Los Algodones Dental Solutions you can save up to 80% of the treatment costs, compared to your local dentist in the USA or Canada. Contact us to schedule your first appointment and get the best dental care.

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