All-on-4 Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico

Losing your smile is not just a cosmetic problem, but a health issue that can significantly affect your life.

A traditional implant might be a solution, but the recovery time and cost of the treatment are not for everybody. Instead, dentist, Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez offers one of the best methods of dental implants in Los Algodones available right now: the All-on-4, a technique to replace some or all teeth with minimal invasion, a quick recovery, and lower cost.

Restoring your health with all-on-4 dental implants

The loss of the whole dentition is a huge cosmetic and health problem. The facial features change, as the chin protrudes, lips lose volume, the corners of the mouth fall, and facial muscles lose tone. Also, the tongue moves back and reduces the oral cavity. These changes affect speech and hearing, as they may affect the Eustachian tube causing hearing loss.


The loss of teeth of the upper jaw breaks lip harmony, flattening the mouth and hardening expression while the cheeks sink. Moreover, the loss of the upper teeth creates problems in phonetics because words can’t be pronounced properly. Also, the chewing function is seriously compromised! 


This is why dental implants are more than a cosmetic problem. They become a necessity for people that are missing teeth so they don’t risk their health and well-being. The most efficient treatment for this are the All-on-4 dental implants, an advanced technique for restoring an entire arch of teeth with minimal invasion and fewer implants. 

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Through this treatment patients can replace some or all their teeth and improve their oral health significantly, the recovery time is shorter and the aftercare is very simple compared with other procedures. Also, this treatment has a lower cost since it is just 4 dental implants.

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What is the All-on-4 treatment?

The All-on-4 is a technique that replaces missing teeth with a complete dental fixed bridge, supported only with four titanium implants placed into the jawbone, where bone density is higher, ensuring the osseointegration of implants and the complete retention of the prosthesis. 

The big difference between individual dental implants is that this technique requires only four implants to support the entire bridge, which reduces costs, avoids the need for bone grafts in the jaws by working with available bone, and it is faster and more efficient. With the All-on-4 treatment, immediate results and quicker recovery are guaranteed. 98% of patients undergoing this procedure are completely satisfied with the results and claim that their quality of life has increased after it.

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What are the benefits of the All-on-4?

This dental work takes less time in comparison with traditional implants. Normally, a traditional treatment can last months and it has a complex recovery. Instead, the All on Four treatment uses the remaining jawbone to avoid the bone graft surgery and this reduces the time needed to restore your smile again, and with an easier recovery because the healing process is simpler.

As only 4 dental implants are used, the All-on-4 has cheaper prices than individual implants, so this is a more cost-efficient procedure for most patients that need to replace several teeth. Also, in the long term, traditional implants tend to demand a lot of maintenance which ends up being a bigger investment overall.

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Being a minimally invasive surgical procedure, recovery is faster and easier in comparison with other treatments. After fixing the implants, a temporary prosthesis can be placed, which will be replaced by a permanent one on the next visit. This way you can see the aesthetic and functional results immediately.


This dental implant procedure offers great stability compared to removable dentures and does not require any special care or adhesive. You won’t feel like you have an extra piece in your mouth, but instead, it is comfortable and it feels like your natural teeth.

All-On-Four implants prevent bone loss, so it helps to maintain facial features and avoid health issues related to chewing malfunctions. In addition, the aesthetic result is unbeatable: your teeth will look completely natural!

After this procedure, you will feel like your health and life quality have improved, and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite foods and smile with confidence again. 

Some reviews of our All-on-4 dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico

"Everybody was so nice. Everything went smooth I loved it. I should've never waited so long."
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"I'm very happy with the results. Dental Solutions has definitely exceeded my expectations. If anyone is skeptical please make that first phone call."
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Why is this our all-on-4 the best procedure for you?

Often when teeth are lost and not immediately replaced with implants, a significant loss occurs in the upper or lower jaw bone, not having the stimulation from teeth pressure. The bone begins to reabsorb itself, as much as 25% after the first year of tooth loss.

This means that when making a dental implant it is necessary to subject the patient to a surgical procedure to graft bone tissue from other bones. The recovery period for this procedure may vary between 3 and 6 months, and only after this process is that a dental implant treatment can be made. The bone grafting procedure is not an issue when it comes to one or two pieces, but can be a long and expensive treatment with people that need to replace a large number of teeth or the whole dentition.

With the All on Four dental implants, it is possible to avoid the bone graft, as only four titanium implants are inserted into the jaw (area with a higher bone density) to fit a full dental bridge to replace all missing teeth. This makes it a fast and safe treatment for the patient.

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Why Dental Solutions is the best center for Los Algodones All-on-4 treatment?

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Our clinic is located in Baja California, Los Algodones, the border town known as molar city. We are more than a professional center for health and cosmetic dentistry, we are one big family, working together to achieve a common goal: the wellbeing and high-quality life for all our patients. We are members of the American Dental Association and we have a group of first-class dentists ready to offer you the best treatments and give you a new smile. 

In Dental Solutions we have the most professional and knowledgeable dentist for this treatment: Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez. She has spent her entire professional life specializing in this dental treatment, learning directly from the creators of this technique: Nobel Biocare. She has studied in Portugal, Spain, Korea, and Harvard; and was recognized by Nobel Biocare as the professional with more successful All on four treatments at the regional level in 2012.

We don’t only have the best caring and prepared dentists, but we also use quality materials, technology, and implements, the same as those used in the best dental clinics in the United States and Europe. In our clinic we are equipped with a CT scan to provide accurate information to our patients about their oral health, being one of the few clinics in Los Algodones that owns this equipment. 

All of this is offered with the most competitive prices of the Mexican market, which are a small fraction of the cost in the United States and even Canada

Reasons to visit Dental Solutions clinic in Los Algodones Mexico

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It is well known that dental care is expensive in the United States and Canada. Our implant dentistry clinic in Los Algodones, offers affordable treatments but with the same high-quality technology and materials, so every procedure meets the safety standard. This is why patients from those countries come every day to our center and get the most demanded and popular treatments, paying just one-tenth of what they would have paid in the U.S.

Also, you don’t need to worry if you don’t speak Spanish. Our dental team and staff are bilingual and fluent in English, so we can assist you in every situation. Our center is located very close to the border and it is really easy to find our clinic, this way you won’t need to travel much to get your treatment.

Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez offers Los Algodones All-on-4 treatment 

The whole professional career of Dr. Bojorquez has been focused on All-on-4 dental implants procedures. She studied in different countries, like Spain, Portugal, and Korea, going through different elite colleges like Harvard. She learned the All-on-4 method straight from the creators and has years of experience performing this treatment. In 2012, Nobel Biocare, the creators of this procedure, recognized Dr. Xochipilli as the professional with more successful All-on-4 treatments at the regional level.

Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez made a name for herself working in well-known implant dentistry clinics in Mexico and now has opened her own center in Los Algodones, called Dental Solutions. She has gathered around a group of the best professionals in the area and now offers top-quality treatments to all of her patients.

What’s the price of the All-on-4 implants in Los Algodones?

This treatment is done per arch. So, for a full mouth implant, you’ll need 2 treatments, one for the top complete arch and one for the bottom.

The all-on-4 is performed in two phases: In the first one, after the CT Scan the implants are put and a temporary denture is placed, for 6-8 months. Once that is fully healed, comes the second phase: the implants become fixed to the jaw bone and the permanent fixed denture can be placed

Implant Procedures

  • All on Four – Implants & acrylic bridge
  • All on Six – Implants & acrylic bridge
  • All on Eight – Implants & acrylic bridge


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