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Dental Crowns in Los Algodones

Crowns are a fixed implants that are placed directly on the damaged tooth to restore its aesthetic, masticatory and occlusal function. It’s ideal for restoring chipped, stained or badly damaged teeth, as the natural tooth is used as a support for the prosthesis.

To understand how crowns works, its important to know the tooth structure. A tooth is divided into three major areas: crown, neck and root. The root is the portion of the tooth that is inserted into the jawbone, while the neck is the narrow part of the tooth usually covered by the gums and the crown is the visible part of the tooth.

Dental Crowns Uses

When the root becomes inflamed or infected and it is not possible to do a root canal treatment it’s necessary to remove the piece and place a fixed implant. If the crown is the affected area, it can be restored with resins. But if the damage is too extensive or deep, then the solution is to place a crown; which functions as a cap that will cover the structure of the damaged tooth and restore its natural appearance.

What is the procedure to place a crown?

The procedure to place a crown on an damaged tooth is completely painless, as it is performed under local anesthesia. The dentist will carve the piece that will be restored with the crown; removing all decay, stains, old fillings and any fissure. At this point the dentist can do a root canal if the root is severely damaged to prevent pain or any future problem. If a root canal is done, a metal pin reinforcement must be placed, in order to give strength and stability to the tooth. After this, the doctor will take an impression of the filed tooth and nearby teeth, that will be used to custom make your final crown. Then, a temporary acrylic crown is placed, while the final crown is made.

Crowns can be made from different materials. The most popular one that offers a better look are the porcelain on metal, zirconium and full porcelain. The difference between these crowns is their durability, strength and finishing.

Zirconia Crowns

Porcelain/metal crowns consists of a thin metal cap, fixed to the prepared tooth and serve as a rigid support for the porcelain that will completely coat the tooth, offering a natural look. The internal metal gives strength and stability. It feels and look just like natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns do not have a metallic base, are light are very aesthetic. As they do not have a metal interior, this makes them less conductive, so you will not experience hyper sensitivity when eating very hot or cold foods. The only disadvantage is that they are much more fragile and transparent.

Zirconia crowns are the most modern and aesthetic. They function just like metal and porcelain, only instead of using metal as internal support, zirconia is used, a patterned material and designed with CAD-CAM technology. This type of crowns offers 50% more resistance than metal crowns and porcelain; while also being completely biocompatible, limiting production and plaque adhesion and providing a more natural look similar to the actual tooth color.

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