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Flexible Partial Dentures in Los Algodones, Mexico

There are different dental treatments in cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile, but some of them are complicated and expensive. 

In Dental Solutions, we offer you a simple way to replace missing teeth and restore your health, which is flexible partial dentures, a comfortable natural-looking prosthesis that can help you recover your oral health. But why choose our clinic to get flexible dentures in Los Algodones Mexico? Our professional dentist can recover your smile with low-cost solutions.

What are Flexible Partial Dentures?

Flexible dentures are removable prostheses made from a flexible nylon-based resin material or another mix of plastic. They are designed to replace just a section of your mouth in your lower or upper jaw. These are used in patients who still have remaining natural teeth in good shape that can support the fake teeth. 

They are called “flexible” dentures because, in comparison with acrylic dentures, these materials are thinner and malleable, which makes them comfortable, light-weight, and with a natural appearance that blends with your gums. Also, they are called “partial” because they only replace a section of teeth. If you miss one tooth or just a couple more teeth, this is a good option.

The prosthesis to replace your entire arch are called full dentures, or conventional dentures. Flexible dentures are not fixed and they are not a bridge either, it is removable and is supported by clasps.

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Why would you need Flexible Partial Dentures?

Missing teeth is a common problem. This can happen because of tooth decay, periodontal diseases, jaw injuries, aging, or extraction. Some people might think that this is just a cosmetic issue, but in reality, it can affect your oral and overall health. 

When you are missing teeth and there is no root, the remaining teeth rearrange themselves to fill the gap. These changes in your mouth can cause a chewing malfunction, speech difficulties, facial features changes, bone loss, and tissue loss, and hearing difficulties. 

Your dentist can recommend a flexible partial denture since it is a simple solution to fill the gap artificially and prevent teeth from moving. This can restore your beautiful smile and improve your health. Flexible dentures will be a great option for all patients that care about comfort and don’t like using traditional dentures for tooth replacement.

Flexible Partial Dentures benefits

This dental work is simple and quick. A partial denture doesn’t require surgery or complicated treatments, so it is time-saving, and also affordable. These are some of the advantages:

This is the perfect solution for many patients that want to improve their health without extractions or difficult procedures. In the long term, this dental treatment is cost-efficient for tooth replacement since it doesn’t require complicated maintenance, just regular cleaning routines.

A flexible partial denture has a slightly higher cost than acrylic base dentures or other different materials like metal partial dentures, but the main difference between them is that a flexible denture is thinner, and therefore, comfortable. These prostheses don’t have metal frames and are made with biocompatible materials, which is perfect to avoid metal or acrylic allergies.

Acrylic is prone to fracture and break easily, instead, flexible dentures are practically unbreakable and have high resistance, so it is a treatment that can last you a lifetime with proper care. In the long term, it is a low-cost solution. 

Since a partial denture is thinner, it has a natural appearance that blends with your natural tissues. They are malleable and without wings or metal hooks, which are great for patients with misaligned teeth. Flexible dentures fit perfectly, are comfortable, and give you the best aesthetic results. Also, crowns will have the same color as your natural teeth, providing a real-looking appearance.

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What to expect from flexible partial dentures?

In the beginning, all dentures need an adjustment period where your mouth and brain get used to the new piece. 

Partial denture in place, it is normal to feel like you are salivating more because the nerves in your mouth believe there is food. Also, speech can be altered since there is a new piece modifying the previous palate structure and the acrylic teeth can feel weird. However, these are temporary while you get used to it. 

To create partial dentures, the dentist in Dental Solutions Los Algodones will perform an evaluation with X-rays or CT scan, so it can accurately see the shape and condition of your mouth to design the flexible dentures with the right fit. 

It is possible that at the beginning your denture needs some adjustments. If you feel some discomfort, pain, or uncomfortable misalignment while biting, contact your dentist immediately. The doctor will be able to readjust the denture so it has a perfect fit. The goal is that you don’t almost feel the piece and it doesn’t bother you at all.

The best recommendation is to place them in warm water 15 minutes before using them. It is best if it is always on the water so it stays hydrated when you are not wearing it.

These types of dentures tend to harden if you haven’t used them in a while. Before using them, place them in warm water, so you don’t hurt yourself or feel uncomfortable while placing it. This procedure will also avoid bad or weird taste that you can get if you put them inside your mouth dry.

They don’t need complicated maintenance, but flexible partial dentures require regular cleaning to avoid plaque build-up that can damage your gums and teeth. You need to clean them well and also your natural teeth around them. You can soak the denture in a special cleaning solution 3 times a week. Also, regular brushing of porcelain teeth can help to remove food scraps. Conventional toothbrushes can be too harsh on the denture, so it is best to use a special denture toothbrush.

Flexible Dentures Cost

Compared with traditional dentures, flexible dentures cost is higher due to the materials. These types of dentures are made with a flexible thermoplastic material, which is nylon-based resin, and a mix of other plastics to make them malleable and thinner. Even though the average cost is higher, the benefits are worth it. First of all, it is a great choice for replacing missing teeth without using complete dentures, instead, you will have a smaller and more comfortable piece.

Secondly, conventional dentures are made with a stronger, harder material, and also have visible metal clasps that can be uncomfortable. Flexible partials can solve this issue since the material is softer and won’t need metal clasps to be held, instead, the material doesn’t hurt and blends with the natural color of your gums. So, if you care about your overall comfort and you want some teeth replaced with new teeth, flexible partials are a great option.

Flexible Partial Dentures in Los Algodones, Baja California

Los Algodones is a border town located in Baja California, Mexico. Millions of tourists come every year to this town to get different medical treatments done, especially dentistry treatments. The reason behind this is because they can find the same top-quality treatment at lower costs, even popular and demanded dental treatments. The average cost here can be up to 50% less, and even more. People can get a full dental therapy while paying less.

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Our clinic and dental lab, Dental Solutions, is located in Los Algodones. We are a team of specialists ready to offer you high-quality dental treatments at a low cost. Our patients from the United States and Canada come every year and save a lot of money, paying just a fraction of the price that they would have paid in their countries. 

Oral health is an essential part of our overall health, and we believe everybody, no matter their financial situation, should have access to it. In our clinic you will find top-notch solutions to all your dental problems, and we guarantee that you will spend less money to repair your smile.

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Our clinic is located in Los Algodones near the border, so it is easy to find. And you don’t need to worry about language because all the staff and doctors are bilingual.

Our dental group of specialists is ready to assist you in all dental treatments. We are part of the American Dental Association and we only work with the best equipment, top-quality materials, and use advanced technology. We have the best dentists in town who specialize in different areas.

We follow the same standards as those in the United States and Canada, offering demanded treatments like implant dental work, full dentures, flexible dentures, bridges, crowns, veneersteeth whitening, and so much more. All cosmetic and surgical treatments with the best price. If you have any question about flexible dentures cost, you can contact us right now and we will provide you all the information.

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