Whitening in Los Algodones

Smoking, eating colored food, taking certain medications as tetraciclines, consumption of beverages like tea, coffee or soda can stain your teeth, deducting beauty and radiance to your smile. However, it is easy to restore and improve the color of teeth through whitening, which is perhaps one of the most popular techniques of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental whitening has evolved greatly in recent decades. There are several methods of teeth whitening and all are completely safe and painless. If it’s done by a professional, it will not cause wear from erosion or tooth enamel, also, it doesn’t weaken the enamel structure. Dental whitening done at home with on-the-counter solutions are not as effective as whitening done by dentists and can cause gum irritation and hypersensitivity.

Teeth Withening - Before and After

Types of teeth whitening:

Traditional whitening: the dentist covers stained teeth with a gel containing various components, including hydrogen peroxide, which releases large amounts of oxygen and removes stains from tooth enamel. It may be used in combination with light to enhance the effect. This whitening is performed over the course of a few appoinments and its effect is quite inmediately vislble and longlasting.

Laser whitening: is a sophisticated whitening system, in which low power lasers and light are used. The great advantage when compared to traditional treatments is that the latter can cause hypersensitivity after treatment. Not only is laser whitening very fast and efficient, but also has no side effects with immediate results.

The results of dental whitening can be sustained as long as there is a change in the habits of the patient regarding food and hygiene. It’s important to remember that teeth whitening will not affect the color of crowns, dentures and restorations, so you should make them after treatment to have a uniform teeth color.

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