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Sedation Dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico

At Dental Solutions, we know that going to the dentist can be a traumatic experience for some patients.

Patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety or phobia to the dentist’s office can have such a hard time that they prefer not to have dental treatment. In these cases, sedation dentistry can be the perfect solution for the patients to relax during the consultation and to receive the dental care they need. Let’s know more about sedation dentistry techniques.

Dental anxiety affects many patients, adults, and children. Using nitrous oxide and other sedation dentistry techniques you can be comfortable during your treatment.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an ideal option for patients who suffer from dental anxiety, phobia, or panic attacks when going to the dentist. By using different types of medication, the dentist can make the patient feel more relaxed during dental treatments and oral surgery.

It is important not to confuse dentistry sedation with general anesthesia, since at the first the patient will be fully conscious during the dental work, but will feel relaxed and calm.

This procedure can be used in almost all dental treatments, and the effect of sedatives wears off after a few hours. General anesthesia is one of the techniques used in sedation dentistry, it makes the patient completely unconscious during the procedure, and is used only in cases of oral surgeries or cases where the patient must be unconscious.

The sedatives can be administered through intravenous injection (iv sedation), orally, or even inhaled, which represents a great advantage for patients who have a phobia of needles. 

Even if you decide to not take any sedation, your doctor will use a local anesthetic on your mouth to ensure a completely pain-free process.

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Types of sedatives used in Dental Solutions Los Algodones

  • Minimal sedation: The person is fully conscious but calm and relaxed during the appointment.
  • Moderate sedation: The person is conscious but may not remember the entire procedure.
  • Deep sedation: The person is awake but almost unconscious and may easily fall asleep.
  • General anesthesia: The person is fully unconscious during the entire procedure.

These are the types of tranquilizers that can be used to achieve these levels of sedation:


Inhaled sedation: It uses Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to obtain minimal sedation. This type of sedation is one of the most used in the USA and Canada to relax patients during almost every dental procedure. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly.

Oral sedation: When talking about sedation dentistry, it generally refers to oral sedation. Doctors will use a specific dose of some tranquilizer medication to achieve minimal or moderate sedation.

Iv sedationYou will receive the sedative through an iv line. It is used to achieve moderate to deep sedation. 

General anesthesiaThis is used to get deep or total sedation, the drugs are administered through the vein and the patient will be deeply asleep until the effects of the drugs wear off.

Inhaled and oral sedation will be the best options for patients with fear of needles, as it is 100% needle-free.

Dentistry sedation is optional in most cases and is only intended for anxious patients to feel more comfortable during dental treatments.

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Who can use sedatives during a dental procedure?

Sedation can be the solution for patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety. This term is used to describe the phobia, stress, or fear that some people feel when visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety is mostly triggered by the tools used during the dentistry procedure, like drills or needles.

The main consequence of dental fear is that people choose not to get dental care when needed. Even in cases where the anxiety is manageable and the patient decides to go to the dentist, the experience can be overwhelming and not comfortable at all.

Tranquilizers can also be given to patients with:

  • Bad gag reflex
  • Low pain threshold
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Patients who suffer from general anxiety
  • Special needs patients like those with autism, down syndrome, or epilepsy.
  • Patients who do not suffer from anxiety must undergo lengthy procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction or implant dentistry treatments.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

At our Los Algodones practice, we are part of the American Dental Association and our team of dentists is qualified to provide sedation and tranquilizers to nervous patients; we also have all the equipment needed for in-office patient monitoring.

People who suffer from obesity, cardiac problems, or special needs such as those mentioned before are at higher risk of suffering complications from anesthesia; that is why you should only trust doctors who are trained in sedation dentistry techniques.

To find out if you are a candidate for any of the types of sedation, your dentist will go over your medical history to determine what type of tranquilizers you can receive to ensure that you will be relaxed and safe during the dental treatment.

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We want you to be comfortable during your dental treatment, that is why we offer you different sedation options so you have a good experience. In the first appointment, you can agree with your dentist on the type of medications to use, so you can know if the day of the surgery or procedure you will need someone who drives you home, if you can go alone to your appointment or if it will be convenient for you to stay one night in town.

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