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Bone Grafts in Los Algodones

Losing a tooth produces a natural bone density loss on the jaw. Without  a tooth to stimulate the bone, it will be slowly reabsorbed losing volume in the process. The use of removable prostheses or full dentures prevents displacement of the teeth, not bone degradation. So if a person wants to have a dental implant and the jawbone has shrunk considerably, you should have a bone graft.

Bone grafts are taken from other parts of bone tissue and placed in the required location to increase its size. These grafts can be taken from the patient or just plastic biocompatible materials. Far from what you may think about, bone grafting, it’s a simple and painless procedure.

Bone graft types:

Autogenous: the patient’s own bone tissue is taken and grafted. The graft can be taken from another part of the jaw or chin to avoid making other extraoral wounds. It is the ideal, since there is no risk of rejection or infection.

Allograft: the graft is a sample of bone tissue taken from another donor. This sample has been treated to achieve neutrality and inmunity to prevent rejection and infection.

Alloplastic: the grafting is a synthetic materials, perfectly biocompatible.

After grafting, the bone will reach it’s proper height and width. The recovery period can take between three weeks to six months as the body begins to assimilate and integrate the graft on a cellular level. After this process, you can begin the treatment for dental implants. Aftercare includes avoiding strenuous physical activity for several months and no smoking.

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