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Affordable Composite Fillings in Los Algodones, Mexico

Fillings are an important procedure to preserve oral health. These are a great solution to repair and strengthen your teeth, and at the same time, getting aesthetically pleasing results that will look completely natural. Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez offers low-cost dental fillings made with tooth-matching colored resin to provide structure, strength, and natural cosmetic results.

What are composite dental fillings?

This treatment is used to repair or restore decayed teeth. In this process, the decayed tissue is removed to prevent the spread to other areas, which is important to maintain your oral health, and then it is filled with a special paste. The filling gives strength and structure to the damaged tooth, so you can preserve your smile, take care of your dental health for years, and have long-lasting results. 

Due to the filling materials, composite fillings are available in different shades, which give us the opportunity to match the color of your teeth and obtain a natural look. If you care about preserving your natural smile, then this is the cosmetic treatment for you. This is the main difference between these types of fillings and traditional ones. Once this treatment is done, you will regain your smile without noticeable spots in it, something that happens with amalgam fillings. 

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How are the fillings placed?

To start the treatment, the dentist will use a CT scan to evaluate the condition. 

Then, the doctor will numb the area with a local anesthetic so the procedure is completely comfortable. After the dentist has completely removed the cavities or finished the root canals work, the composite resin is placed layer by layer, hardening each one with specialized light. The final layer will be carved and polished to restore the natural appearance and function of the tooth, this way you can get a beautiful smile without changing the normal balance of your bite.

In case patients want to change their current amalgam fillings for composite, the dentist will follow the same first steps, and then remove the old resin and replace it with composite material that matches teeth color. This dental filling will bring back the natural look of your smile. 

Amalgam fillings VS Composite fillings

Formerly, the material used to restore decayed teeth were metal compounds. Even if these materials were efficient and long-lasting, repaired teeth looked unsightly, with a dark spot. Nowadays, modern dentistry prefers to use composite fillings, which are a mixture of plastic and glass. As composite fillings have an identical color to the tooth, the restored area blends with the natural teeth and provides a completely natural-looking result. 

Composite resin is also used in cosmetic dentistry to repair broken and chipped teeth and fill teeth gaps, among other uses. While the cost of composite fillings is higher than silver fillings, the natural and aesthetic finish is well worth it.

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Composite fillings aftercare

After placement of composite resin, it’s advised to avoid dark drinks such as coffee, tea, or soda, for at least 24 hours after the treatment to prevent staining. Afterward, daily tooth brushing is the only necessary dental care to keep them in shape, so the maintenance is very simple overall. At this time it is also important to be aware of your bite and how it feels. If it is out of its natural balance, you need to come back so the dentist can trim and carve the area until it feels perfect. 

The first couple of days after the treatment it is normal to experience some sensitivity. We recommend a diet avoiding hot, cold, or sugary foods since these can worsen the discomfort. However, the sensation is temporary and soon you will be able to enjoy complete dental function again. 

Also, if the restored area is extensive, you should be careful when eating hard food to prevent fracture. These fillings are significantly strong and long-lasting, but it is not your natural dental tissue, so we recommend avoiding chewing ice, biting your nails, or using your teeth to open packages. How long do tooth-colored fillings last? Usually, the duration of the resin is slightly less than metal fillings, but it may be longer with proper care.

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Benefits of this dental treatment

One of the biggest benefits of composite as a material for fillings is the great support that gives to the tooth, providing strength while preventing breakage or structural damage. These dental fillings are easier to shape and contour, so the occlusion will be completely restored and the chewing function remains unaffected. Also, the bacteria are fully removed to clean the area, and prevent tooth decay and future damage to the rest of your smile, so you can have good oral health.

Due to modern technology, these mouth restorations are stronger than metal compounds and they offer long-lasting results. 

Another important difference is that composite doesn’t expand or contract with temperature changes, which assures us that the tooth structure isn’t compromised and gums are not affected. Composite tooth fillings are fast to prepare and the material is easy to work with, so the procedure is quicker and more comfortable. Through this dental work, you can make sure that you will regain a beautiful smile forever in a short time! 

Why choose our dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico?

Our clinic is located in Los Algodones Baja California, close to the US side in a border town known for having many dental clinics that offer medical treatments for a lower cost compared to the United States and Canada. Many actual patients come here to do dental tourism and they choose our clinic because the location is convenient, safe, and trustable. Also, all of them leave happy since they were able to save a lot of money and found the best prices in each appointment.

In Dental Solutions we are one big family, working together to achieve a common goal: the well-being and high-quality life for all our patients. Our bilingual staff in the dental office is prepared to assist you in all your needs, and we count on the best professionals ready to give you a beautiful smile. We are members of the American Dental Association and we work with top materials, equipment, and the same high-quality standard of all times.

In our clinic you can get the most demanded and popular treatments, like dental fillings, teeth cleaning, root canals, full mouth restorations, teeth whiteningimplantsAll-on-4bridges, and general dentistry, paying just one-tenth of what you would have paid in the U.S. Schedule your visit today!

Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez offers dental fillings in Los Algodones

Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez is the best local dentist with studies in recognized institutions, like Harvard, and also from different countries, like Spain, Korea, and Portugal. She made a name for herself working in popular clinics in Mexico and now has opened her own general dentistry clinic in Los Algodones in Southern California. She gathered a group of the top professionals in the area, and now they are ready to offer you a new smile.

For future bookings and regular checkups in dental fillings, you can contact Dental Solutions and we will assist you with all the necessary information about the treatment, cost, requirements, and more.

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