Composite Fillings in Los Algodones

Formerly the material used to restore decayed teeth were metal compounds. Even if these material were efficient and longlasting, repaired teeth  looked unsightly, with a dark spot. Nowadays, modern dentistry prefers to use composite fillings, which are a mixture of plastic and glass. As composite fillings have an identical color to the tooth,the restored area blends with the natural teeth and provides a completely natural-looking result. Dental resins are also used in cosmetic dentistry to repair broken and chipped teeth and filling teeth gaps, among other uses. While the cost of composite fillings is higher than metal fillings, the natural and aesthetic finish is well worth it.

How are the composite fillings are placed?

Composite Fillings in Los Algodones

After the dentist has completely removed the cavities, the composite filling is placed layer by layer, hardening each one with a specialized light. The final layer will be carved and polished in order to restore the natural appearance and function of the tooth.

One of the biggest advantages of composite fillings, besides the aesthetic, is the great support to tooth structure, while preventing breakage and insulating the tooth temperature changes. Composite fillings are easier to shape and contour, so the oclussion will be completely restored.

After placement of composite fillings, it’s advised to avoid dark drinks such as coffee, tea or soda for at least 24 hours after the treatment to prevent staining. Afterwards, the daily tooth brushing is the only necessary care to keep them in shape. Also, if the restored area is extensive, you should be careful when consuming very hard food to prevent fracture. Usually, the duration of the resin is slightly less than that of metal fillings, but it may be longer with proper care.

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