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Affordable All-on-8 Dental Implants, Mexico

According to statistics, tooth loss affects up to 200 million people just in the United States and more than 40 million adults have lost all their teeth due to different reasons. Wearing dentures or removable dental bridges can improve the aesthetic part of the problem, but they can cause too much bone loss and other oral health problems.

Missing teeth can deteriorate your oral and overall health, the good news is that this problem has a simple solution. 

Implants are the best option to restore your smile; Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez is a well-known specialist on dental implants in Mexico that offers one of the best methods of implant dentistry in Los Algodones, which is the All-on-8 procedure.

The All-On-8 is the perfect option for patients that have lost almost all teeth and want to have a full-mouth restoration with results that can last a lifetime and look exactly like real teeth.

Implant dentistry offers long-lasting results to replace missing teeth that won’t affect the bone strength to restore one missing tooth with a dental implant or the entire arch with full mouth implants.

This treatment plan is ideal if the patient has lost some teeth and want a permanent solution that won’t cause future problems. Getting dental implants in Mexico will restore the function and aesthetic of your smile.

In Dental Solutions Los Algodones we specialize in implant dentistry, offering different types of implant surgeries, like the All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8 to restore the full upper or lower arch. We are part of the American Dental Association so we work with the same standards as dental clinics in the US and Canada.

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What is the All-on-8 treatment?

The All-on-8 is a major dental work that replaces missing teeth with a permanent fixed bridge supported by 8 dental implants made of titanium. 

This dental implant procedure is recommended for patients that have lost around 80% of their teeth since it provides a stronger structure and offers more stability by using a higher number of implants than other treatments. It can be used to replace an arch or for a full-mouth restoration. 

The main difference between this and other treatments is that the All-on-8 requires high jawbone density so 8 dental implants can have enough space and grip. If the patient has poor bone quality, a  bone graft or sinus lift procedure may be necessary before the dental implant surgery. 

However, the results of the All-On–8 dental implants are completely worth it since this is the most stable, strong, and long-lasting type of implant dentistry treatment, and the patient will be able to speak, eat and enjoy their beautiful smile again. 

And the All On 8

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What is the difference between All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8?

All-on-4, 6, and 8 are dental procedures that can replace several fallen teeth using dental bridges that are fixed to the jawbone by titanium implants, being an excellent alternative for traditional dentures, which prolonged use can cause gum disease, jawbone damage and more.

The difference between these treatments is the number of implants that are going to be placed in the jaw. An All-on-4 treatment uses 4 dental implants in your upper or lower jaw to support a fixed dental bridge. The All-on-6 treatment uses 6 dental implants to do the same. But in both cases, remaining teeth play an important role in providing additional strength and stability.

The All-on-8 uses 8 dental implants, which means that they don’t have much separation between each other, providing a stronger grip on your jaw. This is the reason why an All-on-8 is a perfect treatment for patients that have lost a high percentage of teeth, so they can recover their health in a way that feels stable like their natural teeth

Why should you get All-on-8 implants?

Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic problem, but it actually has an impact on your overall health. The main concern is jawbone loss, which changes your facial features, directly affecting your speech and hearing.

Words cannot be pronounced properly and chewing malfunctions can appear. It can even cause hearing loss by damage to the Eustachian tube. By replacing your teeth with dental implants you can recover your bone density and improve your health condition. 

The All-on-8 prevents bone damage because the implant mimics the root of teeth. This way you can avoid chewing malfunctions, health issues, and changes in facial features. 

Since we are using 8 dental implants, which is the maximum number of implants that can be used on implant surgery, the All-on-8 is a stronger structure compared with other similar treatments. Placed implants don’t have much separation between each other, providing a tight grip, strong, and stable, even if you are having a full mouth restoration. 

As the dental bridge will be fixed to the jawbone, it won’t move, so it won’t cause irritation like removable dentures, and you won’t need to use any type of adhesive. You can eat and enjoy all your favorite foods with confidence again. 

Compared with individual dental implants, this procedure is cost-efficient since it can replace all teeth at the same time, saving you time and money. 

Also, traditional implants require a lot of maintenance in the long term, so it ends up being more expensive. With proper oral hygiene, an All-on-8 procedure can last your entire life, and it does not require any special treatment. You take care of them as you would do with your natural teeth! 

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about the aesthetic result of this dental treatment since Dr. Xochipilli will place porcelain, acrylic, or zirconia crowns that look exactly like your natural teeth would.  

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"I had 6 implants on top and 6 on the bottom. Great experience, Dental Solutions did a great job, I haven't been more pleased. Everyon'e's been really nice and friendly. I had no issues whatsoever."
"It is unbelievable. I have never seen all over the world I live, this is the best service, the most intelligent doctors. I'm just sorry I didn't know you guys sooner and I hope everybody does take advantage of come and see you guys. "

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What can you expect from an All-on-8?

In your first visit to our Los Algodones dental clinic, the dentist will perform a detailed evaluation of your oral health. With the use of a CT scan, it can determine your current condition and verify if you’re an eligible candidate for dental implants. 

During this evaluation, Dr. Bojorquez will evaluate if you need previous treatment, like a bone grafting surgery or sinus lifting. If this is your case, these procedures will be done first to assure that each dental implant can be placed successfully. This process can take months until the healing is complete. reasons for all-on-4 implants

When there is enough bone density to insert the implant, 8 dental implants will be placed into the jawbone. 

This procedure is done using local anesthesia, some medication can be used to achieve conscious sedation on patients that suffer from anxiety to ensure a relaxed and pain-free dental experience. Your doctor will check your medical history to make sure you’re a good candidate for sedation. The 8 dental implants can be placed on the upper or lower jaw. Once they are placed correctly, the doctor will provide you with temporary dentures that will be replacing missing teeth until the osseointegration of implants and complete retention of the prosthesis are ensured. When the implants are completely healed, you will be ready to come back to our dental office so the dentist can place a fixed porcelain bridge with your permanent replacement teeth. The 8 dental implants will provide a functional connection between the bone and your false teeth so they will act exactly like real ones; now you will be able to speak and eat all you want showing your new smile!

All-on 8 in cases of severe bone loss

After the loss of a tooth, the jawbone starts to lose density since there is no more root to stimulate the bone, this happens even when the tooth is medically extracted and the use of temporary dentures can even increase the damage. When a patient has lost several teeth and has been using a denture for some years, he or she is most likely to have bone damage. The All-on-8 is perfect for patients that have lost most of their teeth since it provides plenty of stability without depending on surrounding teeth. It has the same surgical procedure as All-on-4 or the All-on-6 dental implants but with different numbers of metal pieces being used, so it requires sufficient bone for the 8 dental implants to stay in place and guarantee firm teeth. During your first visit to our dental clinic in Los Algodones, your dentist will perform a deep examination of your mouth, including x-rays and a CT Scan to check the state of your jaw bone and diagnose the problem to provide the proper dental care for your case.

In cases of severe bone damage, the patient needs to have a bone grafting procedure before the implant surgery.

Bone grafts are one of the most common pre-surgery procedures in implant dentistry. This dental work makes sure that all new dental implants and crowns hold tightly to the bone to avoid implant failure. When the grafting is made on the upper jaw, the procedure is called a sinus lift. A bone graft surgery is needed to make sure that the bone quality is perfect and all dental implants have enough tissue to be held perfectly. Once it is done and perfectly healed, the dentist can move on and place the 8 dental implants.

If a dental implant is placed on bad-quality bone tissue, the implant fails and the procedure will be compromised.

Having a bone graft will make the process a little longer since it needs to be completely healed before the dentist can place the dental implants, but it will reduce the risk of implant failure and ensure the success of the procedure.

Benefits of getting the All-on-8 implants to restore your smile

One of the main advantages of this procedure is that your replacement teeth will feel and function exactly the same as real teeth since they are attached by 8 implants. All-on-4 technique Unlike a removable prosthesis, one of the benefits of implants is that they don’t move so they won’t cause any discomfort while eating or speaking. You will be able to enjoy all your favorite foods and bite with confidence. The 8 implants provide enough stability to support the bridges so you won’t need additional implants in case you need to replace another tooth after the procedure. Dental implants are a long-lasting solution. With good oral hygiene, your implants can last for the rest of your life looking perfect. We recommend brushing your new teeth carefully, paying special attention to the implant surface and gums. The cost of this procedure is lower than getting individual implants for every tooth socket. This also means that the process will take less recovery time.

By getting your dental implants in Mexico you can save money while receiving first-quality attention to your dental needs.

Taking a dental trip to visit our clinic will be totally worth it in terms of costs. On this side of the border, dental implants cost up to 80% less than in the United States.

If you’re thinking about getting your dental implants in Mexico, Dental Solutions will be the best dental clinic for you.

Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez awaits you in Dental Solutions Los Algodones

With advanced technology and following high standards, we offer the most demanded and popular restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. The only difference between us and a dental center in the US is that our prices are competitive, just a small fraction of what you would pay on the other side of the border. 

Now, after creating a name for herself by working in prestigious clinics, she has opened her own dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico, called Dental Solutions. Here, she offers top-quality procedures along with a group of the best professionals in the area, ready to assist you in every step of your journey.

After performing a deep examination and checking your medical history, Dr. Xochipilli will walk you through the options to restore your lost teeth and recommend you the one that she considers best for your particular case.

Exceptional dental care in our Los Algodones office

Reasons to visit Dental Solutions in Los Algodones, Mexico?

Dental Solutions is located in Los Algodones, also known as Molar city, which is a border town with easy access, and well-known for its dental tourism options. Millions of tourists come to Los Algodones to get different medical treatments done since it is an affordable option compared with the United States and Canada prices. 

People from all over the US cross the border and choose our dental center because we treat our patients like our family, we take care of them and assist them during their entire journey with us. 


At our dental center, we use top-notch equipment and high-quality materials to offer you the best solutions to restore your smile. Contact us now, our staff is ready to assit you in everything you need for your dental trip.

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