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Dentures vs dental implants, Which one is better for you?

Many patients that come to our dental office in Los Algodones looking for affordable dental care, wonder if they should choose dentures or dental implants to replace missing teeth, but as every case is different, there isn't just one right answer.

Both dental implants and dentures are solutions to replace missing teeth and restore the full smile, allowing the patient to eat, speak and smile with confidence to improve their self-esteem.

Each procedure is very different from the other one and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's compare dental implants vs dentures and see which one is better for your case.

The most important thing before deciding is having a dental evaluation to study your case. After seeing the type of tooth loss and taking x-rays to check the state of the bone, your dentist will recommend the perfect tooth replacement for you.

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Why choose dental implants to replace missing teeth?

Dental implants are permanent teeth replacements that can be used to replace one missing tooth or the full arch of teeth.

This is the most modern procedure to treat tooth loss and has become very popular since the results look exactly like natural teeth and the implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

Dental implants consist of a metal prosthetic root that is screwed into the jawbone and will act as a real tooth root. This is why one of the requirements of this treatment is having enough bone tissue to hold the implant.

After the implant is completely healed, a dental crown is placed that will match the rest of your existing teeth.

Choosing dental implants is recommended for patients who need a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. There are different implant dentistry treatments, like the All-on-4, that are perfect to replace several missing teeth at a time.

One of the most important benefits of dental implants is that this procedure helps preserve bone by placing a prosthetic root, which prevents bone loss and protects the facial structure. The success of dental implants depends on the dentist's expertise and paying good attention to aftercare.

Full and partial dentures to replace missing teeth

On the other hand, removable dentures replace lost teeth in a less invasive way since surgery is not required. Dentures provide many benefits like supporting facial muscles and allowing the patient to chew all kinds of foods without a problem.

There are different types of dentures that can be used depending on the patient's case. Partial dentures can replace a few missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw, and full dentures also called complete dentures can replace all the teeth at once.

The procedure to get partial, complete, or even flexible partial dentures is quite simple. The dentist takes an impression of the patient's mouth in the upper and lower gums and studies the bite and jaw alignment in order to make the denture using quality material.

Once the denture is done, the dentist will make sure it is the right fit and that it is not uncomfortable for the patient. If the denture is not fitted properly, it can cause small cuts in the gums, which can lead to gum disease.

Since the procedure is simple and sufficient bone structure is not a requirement, dentures are a good choice when the patient is not a good candidate for dental implants.

Comparing dental implants vs dentures

These are some of the pros and cons of dental implants vs dentures.

The prices of dental implants vs dentures

One of the main differences between dentures and implants is the price. Dental implants can be expensive to get, but they are a long-term fix.

Dentures, on the other hand, are less expensive, but they need constant adjustments since the shape of the jaws changes over time.

If the price is what is causing you trouble when deciding between dentures or implants, you need to know that by coming to our dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico, you can save up to 80% of what you would spend getting the implants on the United States.

When making your appointment, ask us about dental insurance plans to check if you can use your insurance coverage in our clinic.

Maintenance of dentures and implants

Both dentures and implants require maintenance, having a good dental care routine, and regular checkups to prevent infections in the gums caused by bacteria and tooth decay on natural teeth.

But compared with dental implants, dentures need more careful cleaning. To clean dentures, the patient must remove them and brush them, then, clean the gums making sure to remove the rest of the denture adhesive.

Dental implants can be cleaned the same way you would do with your natural teeth, brushing and flossing after eating, paying enough attention to the gums in the areas where the metal pieces were implanted to avoid bacteria accumulation.

The most comfortable option

As long as the removable denture is well fitted into the mouth it can be very comfortable and the patient will be able to speak and eat with no problem. Denture adhesive can be used to ensure the denture is in its place.

But, as we mentioned before, one of the main drawbacks of using dentures is that the jawbone changes its structure over time, so the denture that once fitted well could start to cause discomfort after a while.

Dental implants feel exactly like real teeth so it is definitely the most comfortable choice. They require a healing period before getting the permanent denture and that can be bothersome for some patients, but it is a temporary problem.

Aesthetics of implants vs dentures

Regarding looks, porcelain dentures made by experts with quality materials can look really good, especially if the chosen color for the teeth resembles natural ones.

Implants on the other hand look really good, they look and feel just like real teeth. It is so impressive that no one can tell the difference between them.

Dentures are less expensive than dental implants. But on every other category implants are better than dentures because they function and looks good as real teeth. Beside they are made to last forever, so you won't need to replace them at all.

Using a dental implant to replace one missing tooth

After comparing dental implants vs dentures we know that both treatments can be used to replace several missing teeth at a time, but which one is the best choice and what are the alternatives when there's only one tooth to replace?

One of the most common treatments for these cases is a dental bridge since bridges can permanently replace one to three consecutive teeth. But even when it is a solution, there's one big disadvantage in choosing this procedure.

A bridge attaches to surrounding teeth, so a crown is placed in the two adjacent teeth to provide support to the replacement teeth. This means that the patient will have invasive dental work on two healthy teeth.

A dental implant can solve the problem without causing damage to the remaining teeth, that is why dentists choose implants in these situations.


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