Dentures in Los Algodones

Dentures are, in a nutshell, dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. Usually, dentures are supported by the bone tissue of the patient or the mucous membranes, depending on the position and number of teeth to replace; unlike dental implants that are supported by metalic pieces placed inside the bone.

The advantage of removable prostheses are usually related to cost and installation. Dentures tends to be cheaper than dental implants and don’t require, in most cases, surgical procedures for installation. To make them the first step is to take an impression of your teeth, in order to study its position and size. With it, the dentist will create the model prosthesis using the material that will fit your budget and aesthetic needs. Often, several minor adjustments are required to ensure your comfort and function.

Dentures prevent the displacement of neighboring teeth and maintain the balance of occlusion, while offering support for cheeks and lips. Although more simple and inexpensive than other kind of dental prosthesis, dentures requires special care and time to adapt, to prevent tooth decay and other problems.

Types of dentures


Metallic: these dentures have a metal structure which gives rigidity to the piece, although the visible parts are made of acrylic, and attached to the existing teeth by hooks. Despite being resilient and lower volume, they can look unsightly if the patient opens his mouth. This kind of denture are not usually used in Dental Solutions Los Algodones, because we offer other options that are just as accessible but of higher quality and comfort.

Full Acrylic dentures: is fully made in acrylic. It’s much more aesthetic, due to its color being similar to the natural gums, but they may be more voluminous than the metallic dentures. It can be made with porcelain teeth, which makes its appearance and function much more natural.

Full Soft dentures Flexable: these dentures are made of a thermoplastic material, which makes them light and flexible. They are much thinner than the acrylic ones, so they take up less space within the oral cavity. Also, the material is translucent, allowing blending in with the gum, providing a completely natural appearance. They are more comfortable and the adaptation period is lower compared to acrylic dentures.

Full Snap on dentures: Snap On Dentures are an accessible alternative to the All on 4 treatment and is ideal for those who need to replace the whole dentition. While they are removable, Snap On dentures offers better appearance and function because it is secured by two or more implants surgically inserted to the bone. In fact, the expert hand of Dr. Xochipilli can use your old dentures and secure them to your jaw using this technique.

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