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6 things dentists wish all their patients would do


Hi there! I hope you guys are doing just fine. As crazy as the tittle may sound I wanted to share something different with you today, something you can put in practice the next time you go to your dentist.


I’m amused at the numerous people that make a lot of mistakes regarding their dental care and just neglect good oral hygiene habits. They end up with horrendous teeth and diseases such as gingivitis, dental caries and more. And the main reason for this is because they fail to do one simple task: listening to what their dentist says.


That’s why today I’m going to tell you guys about 10 things most dentist wish you would do when you are at their consult. This will serve you as a tip to become a better patient overall and will help you to have good relationships with them and their staff!

Before we start I want to say that most of the dentists I interviewed are from Los Algodones, Mexico because they are closer from my home and they attend more than 3000 patients every day. If you are wondering why so many people go to see dentists in Los Algodones is because their prices are unbeatable!


Be on time!

Let’s start with the beginning. This might seem like something without importance, but in reality it is! Arriving on time to your consult it’s pretty important because you have to consider that the dentist that is going to see you doesn’t have all the time in the world. Most surely they got other patients to see and other stuff to do. It’s a matter of having good manners, that’s all.

Be Polite!

This one is a little strange because I was raised to be a gentleman. Saying good morning, good afternoon, please, thank you, are some of the most common phrases a gentleman and a lady should say to be respectful and polite to their peers.


On a side note, overall you want to be respectful to your dentist. Avoid being sarcastic, telling bad jokes (unless they are into it), or just being plain rude. One way to think about it is to think for a second that you are in a chair with your mouth wide open and he or she have a lot of sharp stuff at their reach (just kidding, no dentist will hurt your).

Brush your teeth beforehand

If you are going to get your teeth checked out you want to brush your them real good. Nobody wants to smell others bad breath, not even dentists. It is really disgusting to see a patient with their teeth all messed up because they don’t wanna brush them and I think that the least you can do is to brush them before your consult, have some respect for yourself and others.

Ask as many questions as you want

Dentists are one of the most caring people you will meet and most of them really care about their job and patients. They don’t have any problem to solve doubts o questions from the patients so they feel the most confortable possible. Don’t be shy or afraid if you have any concern, I’m sure they will be more than happy to talk to you.

Listen carefully at what they say


This tip is one of the most important on the list. Many patients fail to listen to their dentist, mor

e importantly, to follow their instructions. It is amazing how people mess up their teeth because they di

dn’t pay enough attention to their dentist.

If you have to, I suggest that you should take note of any important recommendations or instruction that your dentist tells you. Besides, no one likes to be ignored.

Come at least twice a year

On the same note, if you want to take good care of your teeth it is mandatory that you book an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups and cleaning. And if you are going through a special treatment like orthodontics or for a certain disease, please go as much as he or she tells you, if you want to get better you have to complete the treatment to fulfillment.


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