Tips to avoid stained teeth from drinking coffee

Tips to avoid stained teeth from drinking coffee
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HI, good day everyone! As you may think, having a perfect white smile is a nice thing. It not only shows good hygiene and healthiness, but is looks very good. There is no better feeling than smiling and feel really confident about yourself. Besides, who does not want to look really attractive and sexy? Well a white smile is key to looking and feeling that way. Avoiding stained teeth is such a plus for anyone.


That is why having yellow stained teeth is such a bummer. They ruin the perfect teeth and are a pain to get rid of. The thing is with stained teeth is that they are so easy to get. Almost every food or drinks out there have artificial colorants that are really bad for our teeth. One way to avoid this is to lowering our consumption of such drinks and food or just avoiding them altogether.


But let’s be honest here, it is almost impossible to do so. Especially if you are addicted to coffee like me. Coffee is so tasty and so useful for our life, that is really hard to not drink at least one cup a day. One of the cons of drinking coffee is that it stains the teeth really bad over time. And if you do not practice a good dental hygiene routine it gets worst. latte art tooth 500x334 | Los Algodones Dentists


Avoiding stains from coffee


Luckily there is hope. There are some tips you can put in practice to avoid these stains on your teeth. The first one is to practice a consistent dental care routine. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and rinse with mouthwash afterward. This will lower the effect coffee has on your teeth and leave them healthy and fresh as lettuce.


Some people recommend adding cream or milk to your coffee to avoid staining your teeth. This is just plain false. Cream or no cream doesn’t change the fact that the stains are going to stick to your teeth. It won’t avoid the result not even one bit. Besides, milk and sugar helps creating plaque around your teeth. In short terms, you will suffer worse.


Instead, drink water after a cup of coffee to rinse your teeth a little bit. This will get rid of some of the sugar and coffee that gets into the tooth’s enamel. This is important because the enamel is what  protects your teeth from germs, bacteria and plaque. If your treat your enamel good, your teeth will look good. If you treat it bad, your teeth will look just as bad. It is as simple as that.


Oh a last tip. I have been reading online that you should drink coffee from a straw. As convenient as this may sound, it just look plain funny to see someone drinking coffee from a straw. It looks perfectly fine if Remove Teeth Plaque | Los Algodones Dentists it is a glass of cold coffee, but from a cup it looks and feels weird. If you really care about not staining your teeth, give it a go, I’m not judging.

With a little help from my friends


Last but not least, you can always use whitening products or treatment to get your precious smile back. Some deep cleaning can also do the trick, don not forget that going to the dentist at least twice a year is mandatory for a healthy smile. And if you are seeking affordable dental care, do not waste any more time and come to visit us at Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico.


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