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Tips to avoid stained teeth from drinking coffee

The appearance of our teeth is important, and having a healthy and white smile can improve our confidence and self-esteem. However, almost every food or drink out there has artificial colorants and chemicals that can stain our teeth easily, reason why many patients are looking for whitening solutions.

What foods and drinks can stain your teeth?

There are different drinks and foods that can stain your teeth and make them look yellow. Coffee, dark tea, dark soda, red wine, tomato based-sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, acidic foods like lemon, candy, and sweets, and even some fruit juices with pigmented berries. However, dark tea and coffee stains teeth easily because they contain tannins, a natural astringent that causes the stains.

How does drinking coffee affect oral health?

Coffee can stain teeth and make them look dull, which affects both your teeth and your smile. This drink is acidic as are alcoholic beverages and vinegar. It has a damaging effect on tooth enamel, which is the surface coatings that protect your teeth. If a drink is consumed in acidic environments enamel wears off. Consequently, teeth become sensitive, eventually they become ill and tooth decay occurs.

You should always take precautions in the case of coffees that contain sugar. Sugar can have harmful effects on your mouth. When a tooth gets damaged or decays due to sugar consumption, it can cause cavities or other complications. High-sugar food can also lead to gum disease.

Tips to prevent coffee stains on your teeth

One way to avoid this is to reduce our consumption of such drinks and food. The damage occurs with regular consumption, which means that we can still eat them, but it is best to not do it every day.

For coffee drinkers is important to drink water after a cup of coffee to rinse your teeth. This simple habit will get rid of some of the sugar and coffee that gets into the tooth’s enamel. This is important because the enamel is what protects your teeth from germs, bacteria, and plaque. However, this is just to prevent teeth staining, but what can remove it?

Practices to avoid if you want a whiter smile

It is a common practice to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening at home, and even though these can give you a whiter smile, we don’t recommend using them. Both, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide tend to irritate gums and can also wear off your natural enamel since they are too aggressive. This can give you tooth sensitivity and hurt your gums, and if you already suffer from sensitive teeth, these products will aggravate the symptoms.

Also, since they are aggressive on your natural tissue, they can cause porosity. This can risk your oral health and cause decay since bacteria and plaque can have a better grip on your teeth and cause bigger damage.

Teeth whitening treatment to remove teeth stains

An important piece of advice is to have a consistent dental care routine. Clean and brush your teeth at least twice a day and rinse your mouth with mouthwash afterward. You can also use whitening toothpaste, and these products, little by little, remove tooth discoloration.

The most recommended teeth whitening procedure for all patients is a professional whitening treatment. Visit your dentist, so you can get whitening services that are adapted to your needs, and most importantly, careful and safe for your teeth. These treatments are painless, quick, and give great results.

Teeth whitening services in Dental Solutions, Los Algodones

In Dental Solutions, we have the best dental professionals, equipment, and materials to treat patients in all aesthetic procedures. Once you make your appointment with us, a dentist will perform a deep examination during your visit to check the current state of your oral health before the whitening procedure.

This treatment is very simple and it is done in just one visit, so you can go home once it is finished. The best part is that in our clinic you will get a lower cost treatment, even up to 80% cheaper, compared to U.S and Canada prices. Make your appointment with us right now!

Post-treatment recommendations

We recommend taking care of what you are eating the first days after the whitening, and it is best to avoid dark liquids like coffee since these can ruin the result and cause newer stains. Later, you just need to brush and wash your teeth regularly to keep your white smile.


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