Why consuming milk is good for your teeth

Why consuming milk is good for your teeth
August 9th, 2020 | General | Comments Off on Why consuming milk is good for your teeth

Hello guys, welcome back to our blog! Hope you are staying safe at home and trying to have a good time just like me. For today, I want to list the top reasons why milk can be very good for your teeth. As you may know by now what we eat also makes an impact in our dental health. There are many patients that may not like milk, but after reading this you may become a fan.

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Why milk is good for your teeth

A balanced diet is important for our dental health. You need protein, nutrients that are really important. Among those important nutrients there is calcium, which is key for your teeth. This is because teeth are bones, and bones are made of calcium. Ingesting enough calcium can make them healthy and strong.

This is where milk comes to the picture. It contains high doses of calcium. Incorporate more milk’s derivate into your diet to achieve that perfect white smile in no time. But beware, do not abuse it or you can develop kidney’s stones due to overdose.

Food with enough calcium for your teeth

Milk is the most popular option for most patients but it is not the only food with calcium. Cheese can be a good choice and has lots of presentations. You can choose any presentation of cheese to ingest enough calcium for your teeth. Also you can opt for fruits like orange and lemons which contain vitamin C and calcium too.

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The key word here is moderation and balance. Fuse these together along with a good dentist and your teeth will always look beautiful. If you wish to save money in dental treatment, come to Dental Solutions in Los Algodones Mexico. Save 50% of the prices in US and Canada using our contact form to schedule an appointment now, the consultation is FREE!

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