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Why you should avoid consuming too much sugar

Sugar can be the sweetest of treats and a very delicious meal. Who doesn’t love a good cookie or a cake? The bad news is that we need to think twice before consuming too much sugar in our diet due to all the negative effects it can cause to our teeth and overall health. If we want to take care of our teeth we have to take care of what we eat. Being careful with what we eat can be the difference between having a sexy smile and rotten teeth.


I don’t think that I should repeat that often that sugar is really bad for your teeth but sometimes we need like that alarm that remind us that there are certain thing in life we should control. And sugar is one of them due to the fact that if we consume lots of it we can ruin our precious smile in a heartbeat. Today we are going to touch this subject and teach you about some of the harm sugar can do to your oral health.

As we repeated before sugar has some really bad consequences for your teeth. We can start with plaque, which is a thin film that feels kinda sticky on the teeth. This film is all bacteria, and bacteria mean it can bring infections and diseases. And plaque can be the very least of your problems.


I say this because sugar can cause other troubles in your mouth. Oh yes, it can. It can break havoc by destroying the tooth enamel very slowly until you get caries and cavities. Some patients don’t worry enough about this, but the truth is that if you neglect your dental hygiene you could face the ultimate consequences, tooth loss. Trust me on this, you don’t want to deal with that.


This brings me to my next point. Are teeth the only thing affected by sugar? The answer is a solid no. Sugar can affect your gums and tongue causing infections and diseases such as black tongue and gingivitis. But you have to remind that the mouth is not the only part of our body that can get affected by sugar, and diabetes is a really good example of that.


So what can I do about sugar?


There are several solutions that you can do to counter the effects of sugar in your oral health. You can start by having a better dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and you will be a step ahead of the entire nuisance I stated above. Especially after every meal you will be helping your teeth a lot and if you complement it with flossing and mouthwash it would be even better.


Another thing is to change your diet a little bit. Try to cut down the consumption of sugar at least a little to improve your dental health. You know, less desserts, less sodas and such. You can even shake things up a bit and eat more fruits instead that have natural sugar. Apples and pears are really good for your teeth and are as tasty as any desert you can think of.

Or you can go through the safe route and use a more healthy replacement of sugar like stevia or something. There are many products in the market nowdays that give you the sweetness of sugar without the glucose and all the things that are bad for your body.


Last but not least, visit your dentist for cleaning so you keep your teeth spotlessly clean. Here at Dental Solutions Los Algodones have really good prices for cleaning and other dental treatment that you need. You can ask our staff for some other pointers about how to take care of your teeth, we’ll be very glad to help you. Until next post, have a great week!


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