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Busting common dental hygiene myths

Hello guys, today we are busting myths. Dental hygiene myths that is. There are common misconceptions about dental care that patients believe that are ruining their smile. That is why today I want to bust a couple of those so you can strive for a better smile. Keep reading if it sounds interesting and read our other blogs to learn more about dental treatment and care.

Worst myths ever

One of the worst myths ever I have heard is about brushing. Many patients have entered the clinic and say that they only brush their teeth once a day. This is just plain wrong, many dentist can assure you that you must brush your teeth at least twice a day. I personally recommend at least 3 to maintain a good dental hygiene.

The reason behind this is that food debris cannot stay too long in the mouth. A couple of hour is enough to ruin your breath and cause continuous damage to your teeth. This is why you must clean your teeth after every meal, especially after food and drinks like cola and coffee which can stain your teeth easily.

Dental floss is bad for your teeth

The second myth says that floss is bad for your teeth. That it cut your gums and damage the enamel. This is wrong to and it is fueled by people who use dental floss wrong. To use it correctly you need a couple of inches and you have to be carefully and gentle. Use slow movements to rock the floss between your teeth.

Container with dental floss

Last but not least there are many people who claims that you can have perfect teeth at home. This is a lie too because a dentist is the only professional capable of cleaning your teeth and make it white. So do not be shy and schedule and appointment at our clinic using the contact form at our homepage!


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